Improve Learning Performance With The Brain Gym In Jakarta

Brain Gym

The Brain Gym In Jakarta

Does your child have the Homework Blues? Or do you feel he/she has more potential but can’t seem to demonstrate it via tests or schoolwork? Lucky for us, the Brain Gym is now in Jakarta.

Brain Gym classes are developed from the proven theory that intentional movement exercises can lead to enhanced learning. Brain Gym teaches 26 movements activities conceptualized from the natural, developmental movements of our earliest years, that help improve focus, memory, coordination and relational skills, which translates into enhanced academic performance.

The Brain Gym classes are fun and also promotes play and satisfaction in learning. While there are plenty of videos of the exercises online, join the Bring Gym community nearest you so you get the training from one of the well-trained therapists in Jakarta and meet like-minded families.

Be amazed when your child is able to successfully complete their homework with focus, achieve better test scores and comfortably navigate social situations. See you there!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Children and adults can see their focus, comprehension, communication, organization and physical movement improve through practicing fun and easy physical exercises.

Who It's Perfect For:

Children and Adults wanting to improve their memory, concentration, reading abilities and standardized test scores. Also supportive as therapy for those with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, autism, developmental delays, Downs Syndrome and other handicaps.

What Else:​

To learn more about the Movement-Based Learning Technique that the Brain Gym teaches, go to www.heartsatplay.com or www.movementbasedlearning.com.

Where To Find It:​

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