Is your bub ready to get artsy? Grab those wee-Picassos for an adventure in artlandia.

Shin Don-cheol, a Korean artist who has experience teaching all things art to children and adults of various nationalities in Jakarta, is giving little art lovers an opportunity to expand their talents through Tomato Art School. The school has three classes that are divided into three age groups: Kindergarten and Elementary, Junior (grade 7 to 9), and Senior (grade 10 to 12, and adults!). Sessions are arranged once or twice a week, from one to three hours each, where each program lasts for three months.


• Clay Fun Art (Age 4 to 12) Learn how to create 3D forms like animals or functional wares with clays with ease and confidence.

• Craft – Origami Fun Art (Age 4 to 12) Learn how to fold papers (Origami) for 3D perspective development, functional application or decoration.

• Juiced Crayon (Age 4 to 12) Learn how to use crayon as a colouring material in varieties of techniques, such as burned hatched, or mix it with watercolour, drawing pen, marker, soft-craft, etc.

• Disney Cartoon Program (Age 5 to 12) Learn how to draw and colour your child’s favourite Disney cartoon characters, such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, etc.

• Drawing Fundamental (Age 13 and above) Learn the basic theory of drawing in art techniques like sketching, proportion, shadow, composition, and colouring.

• Creative Exploration Media (Age 13 and above) Learn how to make something creative that not just a regular painting.

• Sculpture Fun Art (Age 13 and above) Learn how to create 3D forms with clays, wax, papers, and the techniques of acrylic paintings for the sculptures finishing.