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Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things for new moms, but some new moms find it to be an awkward subject. Little Steps has rounded up key support resources ranging from lactation consultants and counselors in Hong Kong to Government-backed programs for Breastfeeding in Hong Kong to key apps and books too. Here are some breastfeeding basics to get you started!

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    LACTATION CONSULTANTS HONG KONG: Private Lactation Consultants and Counsellors In Hong Kong

    Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it comes with a few minor challenges that you can overcome through proper guidance, support and assistance. Breastfeeding for new moms can be daunting, but if done properly, it keeps everyone in the household happy. Lactation consultants are professionals who can help you in this area. From prenatal education to guidance post-birth, they offer breastfeeding support, including lactation consultation.


    Family Zone - Dr Michelle Ng, recently taken over from Yvonne Heavyside

    Melinda Maternity

    Wellness & Birth

    Urban Hatch

    Lactation Consultant - Ellen Cheung

    Holistic Lactation Centre

    Mum's The Word

    Mrs. Chee - Everdawn Midwifery, +852 2705 9322,


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    LACTATION CONSULTANTS HONG KONG: Non-Profit + Government Sponsored Breastfeeding Resources/Consultants

    Mother And Child Health Centers - Governmental support for breastfeeding moms in Hong Kong.  They also offer a Breastfeeding Counseling Hotline (+852 2961 8868).

    Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative - UNICEF-led initiative offering a hotline at +852 2838 7727.

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Breastfeeding Clinic - Call to arrange an appointment +852 3506 6565

    La Leche League, Hong Kong - Excellent non-profit resource available in both Cantonese and English.  Many moms find it an excellent place to start when wanting to ask questions.  Telephone counseling is available in English (Sarah: +852 2548 7636) and Chinese (Maggie: +852 9048 1701).

    Breastfeeding Association Of Hong Kong - Chinese resource offering a counseling hotline at +852 2540 3282.

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    BOOK - Breastfeeding Answers Made SimpleWebsite

    BOOK - The Womanly Art Of

    BOOK - Mothering - Your Nursing

    APP - Latch MeWebsite

    APP - Breastfeeding CentralWebsite

    APP - Glow

  • BREASTFEEDING FACEBOOK GROUPS IN HONG KONG: Hong Kong has a few closed Facebook groups dedicated to breastfeeding.

    Hong Kong Breastfeeding - English Closed Group

    Breastfeeding Hong Kong - Cantonese Closed Group

    Mama Milk Breastfeeding And Lactation Support - English Closed Group

Additional Info:​


Did you know you burn approximately 500 calories per day while breastfeeding? It's important to have a highly nutritious diet with plenty of green leafy veggies and whole grains. Be sure to stay hydrated too! Some foods can affect your newborn's tummy if he or she has a sensitive digestive system. These foods can include milk, spicy food, acidic food, chocolate, broccoli, and caffeine. Moderation is key! You can find more information here!


Homeopathy And Nutritional Advice To Support Breastfeeding?

For those seeking nutritional advice and homeopathic remedies for engorgement, cracked nipples, body pains, and milk supply - Maya Health can help!




You can finally drink again...whoo hoo! Remember that alcohol peaks around one hour after consumption and then dissipates. So, it is best to drink right after you nurse or at least one hour before you breastfeed again. There is no need to pump and dump milk after drinking alcohol other than for mom’s comfort — pumping and dumping do not speed up eliminating alcohol from mother's milk.

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