Little Steps Asia Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

Time To Cozy Up To These Classic Christmas Films

little steps ultimate family movie list 2022

Christmas is probably our favorite time of the year here at Little Steps Asia – the food, quality time with family and your loved ones, presents, the Christmas spirit and decorations, the food (!!). And what better way to get into the festive mood than to watch a family movie all together? We asked the team at Little Steps Asia for their ultimate family Christmas movies and we’ve rounded them up all here! So switch the kettle on, grab the kids (and the popcorn) and get cozy! Here are a few of our Little Steps Asia favorites.

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    The Snowman

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    Written by Raymond Briggs and originally published in 1978, this wordless children's story was brought to life in 1982 and became a Christmas classic ever since. It tells the story of a boy who builds a snowman on a cold winter's day in his parent's garden and who comes to life at the stroke of midnight. They build a short-lived friendship as the boy takes him round his house while everyone sleeps and in turn the snowman flies the boy around the South Downs and Brighton in the UK.

    • Picked by: Marya, Editor Hong Kong and Macau
    • Reason: "I will always remember the first time I watched The Snowman as a child on a cold Christmas day morning in our home in London and my parents explaining to us the ending. Hearing the theme song "Walking in the air" still gives me and my brothers goosebumps till this day! And that was a long time ago!"
    • Watch here:
    • Listen here:
  • the little steps ultimate family movie guide 2022

    Home Alone 1

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    Released in 1990, Home Alone became an instant sensation and now a classic holiday movie for generations to come. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Catherine O'Hara and Joe Pesci amongst other household names, it tells the story of Kevin McCallister, a boy who tries to defend his home from burglars after his parents accidentally leave him behind after going on a family Christmas holiday to Paris.

    • Picked by: Natasha, Singapore Sales. She says: "It's a classic and always gets me and the kids in the Christmas spirit!"
    • Picked by: Mansi, Sales Production. She says: "This is the first Christmas movie I remember watching as a child, and now we love watching it as a family with my kids - I've never seen my son laugh so much!"
    • Watch here: Available on Disney+ and Amazon Prime
    • Listen here:
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    The Christmas Chronicles

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    Starring Kurt Russell as Santa, it is the fun-filled story of two children, Kate and Teddy, who notice Santa Claus in their home and secretly jump into his sleigh. However, they accidentally cause it to crash, and all the presents are lost. As Christmas approaches, they embark on a quest with Santa to get all the presents to their rightful owners. A comedic tale for all ages!

    • Picked by: Shazeen, Singapore Business Development
    • Reason: "We love watching it during the holidays, my kids are always reminded about sibling love and all things Christmas."
    • Watch here: Netflix
    • Listen here: Spotify
  • the little steps ultimate family movie guide 2022

    Love Actually

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List - R Rating

    Featuring a star-studded cast - Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and many more - this quintessential Christmas movie set in London, and perfect for your next date night, follows the lives of eight very different couples trying to find love in the run-up to the festive holidays.

    • Picked by: Isrita, Hong Kong Business Development
    • Reason: "My husband and I both had this film in common at the top of our Christmas movie list when we first started dating. We love it because it's funny, emotional and all about love!"
    • Watch here: Amazon Prime
    • Listen here: Spotify
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    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    Starring the hilarious Will Ferrell, Elf tells the tale of Buddy, a baby who accidentally ended up in Santa's bag and was then raised by elves. He subsequently decides to travel to New York City to help him discover his roots- guaranteed laughter for the whole family!

    • Picked by: Melanie, Regional Marketing
    • Reason: "Our all-time favorite! Such a hilarious and heartwarming movie that has us all in stitches!"
    • Watch here: Amazon Prime
    • Listen here: Spotify
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    Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    The sequel to the ultimate family holiday movie sees Kevin this time lost in New York as he gets on the wrong flight while his family head to Miami. Armed with his Dad's credit card, he checks into the quintessential Plaza hotel in Manhattan. Follow Kevin as he tries to stay out of trouble and finally reunites with his family, against a magical Christmassy backdrop.

    • Picked by: Stephanie, Hong Kong Business Development
    • Reason: "Love the adventures and beautiful winter Christmas scenery!"
    • Watch here: Disney+ & Amazon Prime
    • Listen here: Spotify
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    A Christmas Story

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    Set in December 1940, the film is presented through a series of vignettes, and narrated by the adult Ralphie Parker as he reminisces on one particular Christmas when he was nine years old in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana. Ralphie wanted only one thing that Christmas: a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle, although his mother refuses to get him one. His father ends up getting him one, and the BB gun ends up breaking his glasses. A true coming-of-age story.

    • Picked by: Shea, Founder & Director
    • Reason: "It reminds me of Christmas as a kid! My whole family loved this movie and we watched it every year."
    • Watch here: Amazon Prime
    • Listen here: Spotify
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    Tom & Jerry: Home For Christmas

    The Little Steps Team Ultimate Family Holiday Movie List

    Tom and Jerry are back to their old tricks again and this holiday season is no different. Catch these two hilarious characters in their cat-and-mouse game with this hilarious complication of Christmas-themed clips.

    • Picked by: Shyam, Hong Kong Sales & Production
    • Reason: "I am not a huge movie buff and very rarely watch movies, but every Christmas we would play this Tom and Jerry Cartoon on the video player. So it holds a very special place in my heart. Eating plum cake and watching this brings back memories of my childhood."
    • Watch here: YouTube
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