Socially Distanced Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Throw A Fun And Covid-Safe Party In Hong Kong

Socially Distanced Birthday Ideas For Kids

Have you hit a brick wall trying to think of exciting, fun, and most importantly, safe birthday party ideas during these Covid times? From outdoor camping and mountain biking to tepee slumber parties with your social pod, Little Steps has compiled a list of our top socially distanced birthday party ideas for kids to help kick start the planning.

  • Treasure Island Hong Kong

    Beach And Watersport Parties By Treasure Island

    Fun In The Sun On Lantau Island

    Located on Lantau Island's beautiful Pui O Beach, the Treasure Island Group provides school programs, corporate team building, a surf school, and the Beach Club bar and restaurant, a hotspot for weekend daytrippers looking to get away from the city. Parents looking for some big day inspiration will be excited to learn that the group also offers three different types of birthday packages for kids. The Kid's Beach Theme Party starts at HK$6,000 for four hours, targets kids aged 5-12, and includes two-hours of beach games and activities, lunch, party snacks, and refreshments.

    Next up is the Kid's Watersports Theme Party, starting at HK$7,000 and also running for four hours and targeting kids aged 5-12. Included here are two hours of surfing or kayaking under the keen supervision of qualified instructors, as well as party snacks and refreshments.

    And lastly, the Adventure Party is an overnight extravaganza starting from HK$18,000 and targeting the slightly older age range of 10-17. Included in this package is the choice between adventure sports activities (think gorging, hiking, SUP, etc.), one cabana room, tents and camping equipment, BBQ campfire dinner, night games, and qualified instructors to supervise.

    Treasure Island HK, Pui O Beach, Lantau Island, +852 5236 7016,,, Instagram, Facebook

  • Tram Parties

    Breeze Through The City On The Iconic "Ding Ding"

    If you're looking for an open-air party venue, Hong Kong's iconic trams are a great shout. Slowly chugging through some of the most pulsing areas of Hong Kong Island, observe the hustle and bustle of the city from the top of a vintage open-top "ding ding". Trams can be rented from HK$1,300 per hour on weekdays and HK$1,700 per hour on weekends and the day before public holidays. The maximum capacity ranges between 30-40 guests, but if you're after a socially distanced event then you'll want to keep that number lower. And those who are worried about imbibing at the party, don't worry, there are several bathroom stops along the way!

    Tram Charter Division, +852 2118 6301,,

  • Lavulous Workshop

    Flip Flop Parties

    Get Creative

    Ever had that annoying experience where you're walking down the street and your flip flop comes loose and you're left with a flapping piece of rubber? If you create your own flip-flops with the ever-so-cool Lavulous Workshop, this problem will be a thing of the past. Lavulous workshops help kids and adults alike design their own unique and high-quality pair of flip flops. From the color of the sole and the color of the strap to dazzling little charms, you can add on, depending on your personal style. At a Lavulous party, let the kids loose and see what funky creations they come up with according to their individual personalities. Lavulous' packages are for parties of ten or more and include two assistants helping out at your chosen venue. Prices start at HK$320 per person, including six charms.

    Lavulous, Kiosk 2, Peek-a-boo, The Pulse, Repulse Bay, +852 9753 0656,,, Instagram, Facebook

  • Mini Sports Parties

    Minisport Parties

    Fun Games For Everyone

    If you have hyperactive kids who never seem to tire out no matter what you throw at them, let the team at Minisport have a go. During these Covid times, they've been promoting socially distanced parties for children aged 2-10 years. Party requirements include holding events at outdoor venues only, games being strictly carried out in a socially distanced manner, and all props needing to be provided by the party organizer. Successful parties are all about having fun and everyone participating, so the team avoids focusing on competition and winning and instead leans towards activities that encourage teamwork, friendships, and letting children's imaginations run wild.

    Party packages currently depend on the Government regulations for group size and fitness restrictions. Depending on the government restrictions Minisport can accommodate up to four kids aged 2-4 per coach or eight kids aged 5-8 per coach for HK$1,400 for 75 minutes of activity. If there is an 8-person grouping restriction, they can accommodate up to eight kids aged 2-4 per coach or 12 kids aged 5-10 per coach for the same price and time. Activities include ball games as well as sport-specific games such as football, basketball, tennis, or rugby. Beach parties were naturally a huge hit, but unfortunately, they are put on hold until the beaches reopen after what feels like an eternity!

    Minisport, +852 6183 7084,,, Instagram, Facebook

  • Picnicking by Misaka

    Extraordinary Picnics

    There's no better way to throw a Covid-safe party than having it outdoors where kids can socially distance in the fresh air. Picnicking by Misaka takes the standard picnic and turns it on its head, adding a ton of special touches to create a wonderful and ultra-unique experience. The service includes things like custom floral arrangements, lanterns and candles, white laced teepees, all set up at the location of your choice in Hong Kong - be it a park, a beach, or even your own backyard. During these Covid times, they are taking extra precautions to ensure all gatherings are safe including providing hand sanitizer, limiting gatherings to 4 for public areas, and disinfecting their picnic items before delivery.

    Picnicking by Misaka, +852 9852 0746 (WhatsApp),, Instagram, Facebook

  • Nature Parties by Casita

    Nature Parties By Casita

    If you're wary of throwing a birthday bash with friends given the current environment and would rather do something as a family, look no further than Casita. They offer PODS (Play-Oriented Discovery Sessions) that aim to slow families down, encourage them to step back from the rush of everyday life, and come together in a safe space that allows children to explore and play. Casita's mission is to create an environment where children can celebrate their individuality, be heard and respected, and choose activities based on their own interests and go at their own pace.

    Each 1.5-hour session is filled with meaningful play and is typically done in a public outdoor space - ideal for these Covid times. Light refreshments are included and a single session starts at HK$380 per child (with two accompanying adults) and then an additional HK$120 per sibling. Packages of four are also on offer for HK$350 per child (HK$100 per sibling) or eight sessions run at HK$320 per child (HK$80 per sibling).,, Instagram, Facebook

  • Tepee Tribe Sleepovers

    Teepee Tribe Sleepovers

    Looking to one-up last year's sleepover party? Hire The Tepee Tribe to come in and revamp the entire experience! Busy yourself doing all the prep work for a "normal" sleepover, and then surprise your child by having the tribe come into your home or event space and set up an incredible themed gathering. Think bespoke tepees, fairy lights, bunting, luxurious bedding, and adorable cushions, specially customized for boys and girls.

    Two packages are on offer including the Solo Option from HK$4,100 including 5 teepees and 5 mattresses so each child gets their own teepee (perfect for social distancing!), or the Bestie Option also from HK$4,100 for 3 teepees and 6 mattresses. Additional tepees, mattresses, and bedding rolls can be ordered - all the children need to do is provide their own pillow. There is a huge range of themes to choose from to suit every preference including dinosaur dreams, football crazy, unicorn, tropical flamingo, into the wild, and mermaid amongst others. Let the kid's imaginations run wild!

    The Tepee Tribe, +852 9754 4081,,, Instagram, Facebook

  • Glitter and gore unique Party organizers

    Unique FUN Parties

    Looking to throw your child an outdoor birthday bash? Go the extra mile by hiring Glitter and Gore to organize your soiree. Hong Kong's #1 fun lab, Glitter and Gore creates "FUNtertaintment" for kids and families and to parties and celebrations. Founder Lizzi was formerly a professional performer in the UK, and she and her team combine interactive theatre with storytelling elements and of course, FUN themes.

    Take a normal treasure hunt and turn it into a FUN-hunt where kids are given a bunch of fun tasks and activities. Host a mystery party where everyone gets to be part of the action and together work out "whodunnit". Or, have a creative idea of your own? Hit them up to see how they can help bring your own ideas to life!

    Glitter and Gore, +852 5189 9582,,, Instagram, Facebook

  • MX Club Hong Kong

    MX Club

    Want to do more than just serve cake and play pin the tail on the donkey for your kid's next birthday? MXClub is a motocross club focusing its energy on providing a fun outdoor space for adventure and sports-related events. MX bikes, ATV/Quad bikes, and kid's bikes are on offer for those who are after a party on wheels. Water Gun War Games are another big hit, where a war-game leader helps create activities that train leaders under different scenarios. Parties can be organized for children over 6 and under 12 years of age, and packages start at HK$5,300 for 1-hour of biking and 1-hour of water gun war-games. A barbecue package is available to feed those hungry kids post-activity, starting at HK$180 per adult and HK$150 per child.

    MX Club, Fan Kam Road, Sheung Shui, +852 2668 0948,,, Facebook

  • Kidz Drum Jam Parties

    Kidz Drum Jam Parties

    Founded by internationally-acclaimed Japanese percussionist Kumi Masunaga, Drum Jam is a drumming company that utilizes drum beats' strength and power to deliver the guests through inspirational performances and activities. How the Kidz Jam parties work is that two performers in colorful costumes will come and teach interactive rhythm games, songs, and dance to celebrate the special birthday girl or boy.

    The Mini Package is HK$2,000 and is for families of up to five in total, including a 35-minute program with an African djembe drum, a shaker, a chiffon scarf, and a stool for each guest. The Village Package is for up to 15 children with an African drum each and parents on percussion instruments. The cost for this is HK$4,000, including two performers leading the 50-60 minute program. And finally, the Grand Celebration Package is for 10-15 children and 20-30 guests in total, and everyone will have their own drum, shaker, scarf, and seating stool. The price is HK$6,700 for the 50-60 minute program, and the two performers will bring a portable mic and speaker system. If you have an outdoor space to host the gathering, it makes for a unique (and noisy!) birthday bash.

    Drum Jam, +852 9750 4212 (Tel and WhatsApp),,, Instagram, Facebook

  • A-Team Edventures Outdoor Camping Parties

    A-Team Edventures Outdoor Camping Parties

    If you're keen to do something outdoorsy and experiential, A-Team Edventures is a great shout! Along with their popular leadership courses, surf camps, and kayaking classes, A-Team Edventures has also added a one-night / two-day family camping trip in Sai Kung East Country Park to its list of offerings.

    They have two bases, the first being in the isolated village of Tan Ka Wan and the second on one of the most remote and naturally beautiful locations in Hong Kong in Sai Wan. The Tan Ka Wan location features a staff house with three bedrooms, hot showers, and toilets for those who aren't keen on camping, allowing them to indulge in a few creature comforts. However, their Sai Wan location is tent-based and for the bravest of little adventurers! Activities include stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fire-making around the campfire, meal preparation, snorkeling, village exploration, and night hiking. The adventures target kids aged seven or older and parents can crash the party too if they like.

    A-Team Edventures, +852 2560 8838,,, Facebook

  • Survivor Hong Kong

    Exposure Concepts was Rochelle Flaherty's brainchild, providing entertainment for corporate events and organizing private events for adults. Many of Rochelle's clients asked if she could help with their children's parties, and it was a truly organic transition into Survivor Hong Kong. Details are tailored for each group - just let them know the kid's ages and whether you want adults to join in the fun, and Survivor will curate the perfect event for you. Their survivor-themed events have been a real hit, and they have now progressed to doing Amazing Race-themed and treasure hunt parties. All the games are fun whilst challenging the kids mentally and physically. Additionally, they have now started doing picnic parties and pamper parties with braids, eco-glitter, and all things sparkling!

    Survivor Hong Kong, +852 6462 6487 (WhatsApp),,

  • Mountain Bike Parties Hong Kong

    Mountain Bike Parties

    Turn your party into a learning experience with Mountain Bike Hong Kong (MTBHK). If you have a group of like-minded kids who are keen to get outdoors and do something active, learning to ride a mountain bike might be the perfect activity. MTBHK has experience with groups of all ages, selecting riding trails tailored to challenge but not overwhelm. They provide all the equipment, but if you have your own bike, they can show you how to set it up correctly and the proper care to ensure it lasts for a long time.

    If you have a group of kids or older teenagers who know how to ride already, organize your party around a guided ride through some of the prettiest biking trails in Hong Kong. Smaller bikes are available for children.

    Mountain Bike Hong Kong, +852 6300 1980,, Instagram, Facebook

  • Mystery Dinner Parties Hong Kong

    Mystery Dinner Parties

    Harbour Secrets is an exciting events company that creates interactive murder mystery-themed games for all kinds of celebrations. This is for sure an activity for older teens, and they also have mysteries centered on theft if the whole "murder" mystery seems a bit too grim. If your kids are into mysteries, they'll go nuts over these "whodunnit" games by hunting for clues and discovering hidden-away secrets about each guest. Their stories are locally inspired, and all are sure to have some surprising twist at the end! No venue is provided, so organizers can choose an appropriate spot that enables participants to go through the evening in a socially distanced manner. Prices start at HK$4,000 for one of their self-service events and increases from there. Harbour Secrets recommend 2-weeks preparation time, so make sure to call them early, so they have enough time to prepare.

    Harbour Secrets,, Instagram

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