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ActiveKids’ Exciting Summer Camps In Hong Kong 2021

Multi-Activity Camp For Children Aged 3 - 17 Years

ActiveKids Summer camp 2021

ActiveKids offers a wide range of fun and educational summer camps for children ages 3 to 17. Choose from a variety of fun programs, from Robotics and Science to Cooking and Chess. No matter what your little one is passionate about, there’s definitely something for everyone at ActiveKids! Each camp lasts between three to five days and you can take your pick from hands-on science, fun cooking, international chess, robotics & coding, arts & crafts, and fashion design. Sign-up today!

Apart from Science, Chess and Robotics camps, ActiveKids offer:

  • Stormy Chefs Camps – Cook up a storm! The little chefs will prepare full-course meals that include drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
  • ArtCrafters Camps – Sign-up at ActiveKids to MIX, MOLD, PAINT and GLAZE for the Summer Fun Painting & 3D Modelling Art sessions.
  • Mission Runway Camps – Become the next top designer! At this camp, children will get to design and construct their very own summer collection and accessories.

Date: May 31 – August 28, 2021 

How much: HK$2,200 to HK$3,400

Promotion: HK$300 off before May 16; HK$150 off before Jun 15; 5% off for 2+sign-ups; 10% off for 4+ sign-ups.

  • ActiveKids Science adventure summer camps 2021


    Sign up for some action-packed, electrifying and fascinating Science Adventures this summer holidays. ActiveKids has some amazing activities planned for kids, from Lunar Rover Workshop, Gizmo's Gadgets and Goops, to Science Detective and Green Science. The 3-day Science camps help build a motorized K’Nex Lunar Rover, explore different sources of energy and learn about solar and wind power at Green Science or become a trained Science Detective to solve a mystery at Science Detective.

  • ActiveKids Chess Academy Summer Camp Hong Kong 2021


    The Chess Academy offers a good brain workout! Children will learn from the best coaches at The Chess Academy and develop their character through chess. Chess requires a good understanding of rules, fair competition, learning from mistakes and challenging oneself. Players will improve on problem-solving, Spatial Reasoning, Memory, Attention Span, Sportsmanship, respect, and confidence.

  • ActiveKids Robotics summer camp 2021


    Build and Code your Robot at RoboCode! Projects involve building and programing light sensors to earthquake detectors. Children at the camp will have the opportunity to create robots that move on tracers and overcoming obstacles, including Airplane Launchers, to constructing Eight-Axis Mimesis and Game Creators; the possibilities and fun are infinite.

Where To Find It:​

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