Hit the spa with the kids!  For those looking to explore the art of reflexology with kids in tow, we have a secret find for you!

Ten Feet Tall is one of Hong Kong’s most popular foot reflexology hubs.  It’s chic in design, offers a slew of treatments, and you can sip young coconuts to your hearts content.  What’s more?  It’s kid-friendly!

The key to making this outing a perfect pampering success is to book in advance a private room for your family.  Bring your own DVDS or if you have Apple TV you can bring those kiddy hits direct to the big screen from your phone.  Mom and Pop can sit back and let the masters rub their toes while the kids chill out in plush chairs watching their favorite movie.  Plus, they offer frozen yogurt for good little kids.  Win-win…yes indeed!