A Guide To The Best Halal Restaurants In Hong Kong

Halal Options Around The City To Satisfy All Your Cravings


To add to Hong Kong’s delicious, diverse culinary scene there are now more Halal choices to go with it. There is now a huge range of restaurants offering different types of cuisines with Halal dishes. Halal-certified restaurants in the city range from Korean to Persian and as well as in Cantonese dishes. Here’s our pick of the best restaurants in Hong Kong that are halal-certified.

  • Bengal Brothers

    Halal Restaurants On Hong Kong Island

    Indian, Middle Eastern & Other Halal Restaurants

    This is the perfect place to stop by when you’re in Causeway Bay and looking for a comfy Halal restaurant. There’s so much to choose from, and we highly suggest the brisket masala served with naan.

    This family-owned business offers a good mix of delicious Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Expect homemade food from hummus to tagine and shawarma. Wraps, side dishes, and desserts are also available to order.

    This is one of the few restaurants in Hong Kong that serves Xinjanese cuisine with halal options at affordable prices! It’s been recognized by the Michelin Guide and awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand.  It’s a certified hit for those who love lamb.

    A take-out favorite located in Kennedy Town, Wan Chai and Basehall, this colorful eatery serves up heavenly Bangla-style wraps, rice and chaat bowls, and lassi. The chicken and lamb dishes are halal.

    Bombay Dreams will make your Indian cuisine dreams come true with their lunch buffet – perfect if you want to try a little bit of everything. We highly recommend the chicken tikka masala and Goan fish curry - delicious!

    If you are craving a burger, check out this place! Cheeky Buns has some amazing halal beef burgers that are definitely worth a try. You can also pair your burger with kebabs, wings, fries and more! Perfect for kids who love their cheeseburgers.

    Falafel TLV is a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant with some of the best falafels in town. With ingredients brought in straight from Israel and cooked fresh daily.

    This place is rated among the best halal dim sum places in Hong Kong, and only serves dim sum until 3 pm. So do remember to come early!

    A great, cozy place for families to dine in. It not only offers the usual delicious set of kebabs and wraps but burgers AND pizza. Definitely one to visit if you have picky eaters. Everything is freshly produced, homemade, and without MSG in their dishes.

    Formerly called Loveat, this is a must-visit as it is the first Persian restaurant in Hong Kong. Most of their dishes are made with saffron, giving the food its signature flavor. The grilled beef skewers are a must-try and you can pair them with rice or naan.

    Wai Kee is a Muslim-owned establishment and people flock over to its famed halal roast duck. There are also other dishes such as curry, and noodles - do give this place a try!

  • Moti Palace

    Halal Restaurants In Kowloon

    Korean, Pakistani, Indian & More Halal Eats!

    Located in Chungking Mansions, Bismillah Kebab House serves both Turkish and Indian cuisine. The pizzas here are a must-try.

    With 70 years in the food industry, this family-style restaurant serves halal Cantonese food. Spoil yourselves with pan-fried beef buns and lamb dumplings!

    Kimchi Korean Fusion takes pride in being the first halal Korean restaurant in town. Diners can enjoy Korean food staples, from noodles to hot plates.

    One of the best restaurants in Chungking mansions that serves delicious, authentic, affordably priced Indian dishes.

    This Pakistani-style eatery specializes in chicken tandoori and everything is reasonably priced!

  • Cafe Ocean

    Halal Eats In Theme Parks

    Halal Options At Disneyland & Ocean Park Hong Kong

    The Explorers Club is Disneyland's ultimate halal-certified eatery. The location offers an extensive menu of international cuisines, perfect for the whole family! To add to that, there are prayer facilities located right next to the restaurant.

    This vending cart is also halal-certified and you can binge on Disney-themed snacks such as the delicious Mickey waffles, hot dogs and more!

    Food locations at the theme park such as Café Ocean, Clown Corner, Dive Into A Float (Marine World), Panda Café Food To Go (Amazing Asian Animals) and Popcorn Cart (Aqua City) are all halal-certified.

  • Halal Restaurants In Hotels

    Hotels In Hong Kong With Halal-Certified Restaurants

    To add to our extensive list, for visitors and tourists - do take note of the following hotels in the city that serve halal food options on their premises!

  • 27 Kebab House

    Halal Restaurants With Multiple Locations

    Halal-Certified Restaurant Chains Around Hong Kong

    Let's not forget these halal restaurants that can be found in different parts of the city.

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