NEW! BAKU Coffee Shop, Spa And Bar In Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Baku Sai Kung Spa

Hot off the press! BAKU is the recently opened spa, coffee shop, and bar in Baishawan, Sai Kung. BAKU is known as the beast of good fortune and has appeared in fairytales since ancient times. In Japanese legend, BAKU silently sneaks through the dark devouring the world’s nightmares and replacing them with beautiful dreams. Mythical BAKU has a long trunk like an elephant, he is black in the front and white in the back; he’s fat, cute, and honest. The heart of BAKU is part of the soul of the pretty coffee shop and spa. Allow them to look after you and take away any stresses and hardships you may have.

  • Massage Experience The spa has six luxurious and relaxing private spa rooms where trained therapists will add some magic to your day with various international massage techniques
  • Taste Experience Delicious sweet bites from the resident dessert artist
  • Shisha Experience Best hookah products from around the world for a tailor-made smoking experience
  • Play Experience Meet your friends for coffee, snacks, and beautiful inspiration
  • Spa and café opening hours Every day from 12noon-9pm

Where To Find It:​

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