If you love leather, Aura is your place! Here you’ll find bags, shoes (even cowboy boots!), belts, and jackets for men and women. Mr. Harry, the owner of this small but busy shop, has been hand crafting his exclusive collection for years.

Aura stocks pre-made items in standard colors that you can choose from and if you’re lucky, you’ll find something that fits you perfectly! However, the main activity of this shop is made-to-order leather goods. Replicate or modify an existing garment, copy one from a photograph, or have one specifically designed just for you. You can even order matching jackets for you and your little one! Once you choose the design, the Aura team will take your measurements and provide you with many swatches to choose the color, feel, and quality of the leather.

All of Mr. Harry’s products are hand made using high quality leather. Cow, sheep or snake skin…use your imagination to mix different types of leather and colors!