Fun Ways To Celebrate Galungan And Kuningan In Bal

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Bali is gearing up for the Galungan ceremony celebrations. This is a great time to be in Bali, as the streets are decorated with beautiful bamboo penjor decorations, colorful ceremonies are held in every temple, and everyone is in high spirits!

WHEN: Mon, Jul 22, 2019 – Sat, Aug 3, 2019


    Galungan is one of the biggest religious ceremonies in the Balinese calendar and takes place every 210 days. The ceremony symbolizes the victory of dharma(good) over adharma (evil). During this time, the ancestral spirits return to the family temple where they will be honored with prayers and lavish offerings of fruit and cakes.


    Large bamboo poles decorated with palm leaves, flowers and coconuts - penjor - are erected outside every home and business, which makes for a stunning sight. Each village has its own style of penjor and some are impressively tall and elaborate.

    The day before Galungan, pigs are slaughtered to make ceremonial foods including lawar, a kind of spicy salad and sate. As with many ceremonies in Bali, the events tend to revolve around food! Then on Galungan day itself, families visit the village temples in their best clothes, bringing towering offerings carried in beautiful baskets. This can make for some amazing photo opportunities, so make sure to be up early to see the full spectacle!

    The festivities continue in the form of the Barong – a mythical protective creature that looks like a lion. It’s common to see groups of children walking the streets and performing Barong dances in exchange for a small monetary donation. Galungan lasts for 10 days, culminating in Kuningan - a final day of prayer when the ancestral spirits leave the family temple and return to the spiritual plane.


    Galungan is celebrated everywhere on the island so there are thousands of temples to choose from! If you wish to enter the temple, make sure to wear ceremonial clothing and do not walk in front of any people who are praying. Photos should be taken discreetly only from the outer courtyard of the temple.


Additional Info:​

Note: Many shops and restaurants will be closed on Hari Raya Galungan, but a few will stay open in tourist areas.

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