Chalk and Chakras is a Singapore-based label which hopes to promote yoga and mindfulness for kids with its range of specially created children’s yoga mats. Its yoga mats were born from a situation most parents would be familiar with - dealing with your children’s intense emotions that your little ones aren't able to handle!

Frustrated by the lack of sustainably-made and high-quality children’s yoga mats that would encourage kids to practice yoga, Serene Lim, founder of Chalk and Chakras, decided to produce them herself. Chalk and Chakras yoga mats are made with kids in mind. The dimensions are just the right-size for their smaller bodies while the 4mm-thick plush cushioning provides excellent support for their hands, feet, and joints.

The brand has also collaborated with two Singaporean illustrators, Lazy Lion and Troops on Print, to create exclusive designs to inspire joyful practice in kids. This is Chalk and Chakras’ way of championing local artists and encouraging the next generation to support them.

The mats are also safe, non-toxic and free from PVC and other harmful chemicals such as phthalates, chlorine, and silicone. They are crafted using natural, sustainable materials. It features a natural rubber base that is heat bonded to a lush microsuede fabric top, and designs are printed with water-based inks. To further minimize any environmental impact, the yoga mats are shipped to your doorstep without plastics! Want more? These mats are a breeze to clean! Simply wipe them down or give them a gentle rinse.