EtonHouse is at the forefront of international education with over 100 international schools in 12 countries and a home in Singapore. This is where it all started over 2 decades ago and Little Steps has been closely following its blossoming through innovation and growth through dedication. Over the years, we've chatted with several of their headmasters, spread the message about new campuses and curricula and pointed you towards opportunities to explore them first-hand.

We are, however, especially happy about the latest, hot-off-the-press news coming from the headquarters—from 2018 on, Etonhouse International Education Group will disburse up to 16 full scholarships a year, 8 for students in Year 9 and 10 for 2018 and 8 for those in Year 12 for 2019, covering application fees, capital levy and school fees throughout the duration of the course. This means a whopping $33,000 per year for students coming in at age 13 or 14 for the Cambridge IGCSE and continuing for 5 years, and $37,000 per year for the 16-year-olds preparing for the IB over 2 years.

The scholarship programme will give those exceptionally talented, motivated, inquisitive and passionate in life and in school the chance to call EtonHouse's newest campus—the innovative, intentional beauty that is the space of EtonHouse Orchard—their second home and beat the path towards multifaceted excellence in life with the help of this giant of international education!

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