Modern Montessori International (MMI) first began in 1989 in Singapore, with the aim of offering a Montessori pre-school education, which at that time was not very well known methodology. MMI has helped transformed Montessori education into a household name, with the core idea of helping children reach their full potential.  

Montessori Education at MMI:

Montessori is a method of education rooted in child-directed hands-on learning and collaborative play that requires kiddos to make creative choices, discover themselves and grow eagerly at their own pace. 

Modern Montessori Preschool believes in providing a rounded learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively and more importantly, socially and emotionally.

The 5 pillars of Montessori Education are:

  1. Practical Life - building a sense of independence
  2. Sensorial - measuring distinctions through their senses
  3. Language - a phonics-based system
  4. Mathematics - converting concrete objects into abstract numbers
  5. Cultural Studies - learning about their world

MMI sets itself aside compared to other schools through curating a set of curriculum uniquely to their brand to enhance Montessori learning:

    * Passport to the World - Learning to become a global citizen and go on a global adventure, your child will be taught a country’s geography, people history and culture in a fun and memorable way. Children will enjoy new songs, learn new crafts, listen to folktales, explore national flowers and animals and even learn new languages.

    * News Hour - This programme is designed to allow your child to grow and excel in an increasingly cosmopolitan environment and the inter-cultural world. The planned hands-on activities based n real events provide children with a platform to understand their world and appreciate the dynamic nature of world events.

    * Speak to be Heard - The creative and engaging programme is developed to aid children in building their confidence. But also to stretch their imagination and provide them the opportunity to articulate and express themselves creatively, without any fear and openly!

    * Traveller’s Palm - Entitles young students an exchange platform to communicate with other children from different centers and even countries. It gives children an amazing opportunity to practice their writing while also expressing themselves.

    * TUMOS (Thumbs up Morning Opening Session) - TUMOS is an interactive, holistic vertical activity in which older students are picked to be the leader of the week to accept responsibility to be a good role model for the younger ones. TUMOS is designed to encourage younger children to learn from the older children positive ways to focus on using their senses.