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Best Podcasts For Kids Right Now!

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While many of us are juggling between work and home life, home-schooling kids, and keeping up with the day today, it is definitely acceptable to extend the kids’ usual limits of screen time. However, before switching on another laptop or iPad, consider a listen to a podcast for a rest on the eyes. While this is an excellent activity for your child, it can also be a shared parent-child experience. And with so many amazing podcasts geared towards kids with different interests, there is something for everyone, here is our breakdown of the Top Podcasts For Kids!

  • BUT WHY?: Kids All Ages

    If your kids are curious-minded and constantly asking the difficult questions, this one is for you! But Why tackles topics, large and small, and will equip your inquisitors with some extra knowledge through expert opinions and research. What makes us love this podcast, even more, is that your little ones can participate, too! Using your mobile phone, you can record your child’s questions and submit it to them for potential airing on a future episode.


  • STORY PIRATES: Kids All Ages

    The Story Pirates are searching for an even better kind of treasure – your kids’ wildest imaginations! Hear your children’s stories come to life as sketch comedians bring together their characters and ideas with performances that are good, silly, and fun! Encourage your child’s love for writing by allowing them to see an end-product like never before with this enjoyable podcast.


  • BOOK CLUB FOR KIDS: Tweens & Teens

    Tweens who love reading will enjoy hearing their own peers discuss popular middle grade and books for young adults in this 20-minute podcast. The trio of kids will discuss a book and interview the author. Plus, a celebrity reading of a passage will also be featured, while public radio figure, Kitty Felde, runs the discussion. Book recommendations are shared so that your kids can continue to explore new peer-approved books. They even allow your child a chance to be spotlighted on the podcast as a book club reviewer!

    Book Club For

  • GIRLS TALES: Kids All Ages

    Girls Tales takes a feminist twist on the classic fairy tales, fables, and myths we all heard. In these stories, there are no damsels in distress or princesses in need of protection. These girls take control over their own destinies while transforming your favorite fairy tales into something greater than you’ll love having your kids listen to. They also connect to the real world with a segment called “Little Girls Doing Big Things,” in which they interview young girls from all over the world who are creating change in their own communities.


  • SMASH BOOM BEST: Tweens & Teens

    A debate show for kids and families! Each episode takes on two cool subjects, pits them against each other, and in the end you get to decide which is the best! Some examples of what might be debated are pizza versus tacos, invisibility versus flying, or the Bermuda Triangle versus Loch Ness. Debaters use facts and passion to make their own case, while you can be your own judge. This is great for kids learning how to harness the power of persuasion and figuring out the best techniques to defend their own opinions through fun, child-friendly topics!

    Smash Boom Best,

  • PEACE OUT: Preschoolers & Younger Kids

    Short stories and mini-episodes are shared, while guided visualization and breathing exercises help little ones feel more calm and relaxed. This is a perfect podcast to add to your bedtime routine or simply to create a break in the middle of a busy or stressful day. New stories are released every fortnight, while mini-episodes are occasionally published in between introducing new ideas and techniques.


  • EAR SNACKS: Preschoolers & Younger Kids

    This musical podcast is geared at younger kids who want to learn about the world in a light, sweet, and whimsical manner. The hosts of the show, Andrew and Polly, are award-winning music makers who share interesting information and explore different themes through songs, interviews, and a little bit of humor!


  • TUMBLE: Tweens & Teens

    Budding scientists and their parents will love listening to this one! Together, you’ll explore the stories of scientific discoveries with the help of scientists. Hosted by a science journalist and a teacher, you’ll hear about different scientific mysteries such as the science of smell, the physics of basketball, or more relevant topics such as where do viruses come from. Interviews with experts will shed light on some pertinent and interesting science topics!

  • SHORT & CURLY: Kids Of All Ages

    A delightful, fun, and quick-paced ethics podcast that encourages kids and their parents to think about those curly questions such as “Are you really free?” or “Was Robin Hood right? Should you rob the rich to help the poor?” The questions and ideas get those brain circuits working while the two hosts will ensure things don’t get too serious by adding in some silliness! Resident ethicist, Dr. Matt Beard, is also there to help guide the conversation. Animals, technology, school, pop culture, and the future are all possible topics for questions.

    Short & Curly,

  • PANTS ON FIRE: Tweens & Teens

    In an era of quickly forwarded messages and fake news, it’s more important than ever for kids to be able to decipher from real and false news in the media. And we can’t think of a more fun way to prepare them for the life skill than this super fun game-show podcast! Two adults’ face-off, one being an expert in a subject and one being the liar, while they answer the tough questions from kids. This app teaches kids how to ask insightful questions and weight the evidence before them.

    Pants On

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