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Flight Logbook for Kids That Rock!

From Simply for Flying

Simply For Flying Logbook

Calling all junior jet-setters! Make your trips more fun and meaningful with Simply for Flying, the personal flight logbook for kids and the perfect keepsake for recording all of your flying adventures!

For every flight you take, your child can ask the Captain and crew to record important flight log information on one page and then the opposite page is left blank for their own design. They might want to record their seat number, draw what they see out the plane window, write about who they’re flying with and where they’re going or anything else about their journey.

Maps, a pocket, and conversion charts make this product even more useful and fun! Kids will love its “official” look and its easy handling size for their little fingers. Worldwide shipping available…a great gift!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A fun way for kids to document and remember their travels, while also providing in-flight entertainment

Who It's Perfect For:

Check out Simply for Flying's great site with printable travel tips and checklists!

Additional Info:​

Simply for Flying

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