Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas 2023 In Singapore

Best Presents From The Cool To The Quirky!

Ridiculous But Awesome Christmas Gifts Singapore

Christmas season is around the corner yet again, and what does that mean? The tradition of Secret Santa and gift-giving, of course! But instead of all the cliché gifts like vouchers and candles, something unconventional yet practical might just get you extra brownie points instead.

Whether it’s just for laughs or something that suits their personality perfectly, check out this list of ridiculous but awesome gifts for Christmas 2023. Plus, they’re all suitable for both kids and adults!

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This list is updated for 2023!

  • Desktop Fire Extinguisher

    DESKTOP FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Amazon *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Perfect For Work Or School

    Let’s be real, whether it’s school or work, there are always “fires” to put out. Give the gift of “problem solving” with this desktop fire extinguisher, which releases a “whoosh” sound when activated. It works like a real fire extinguisher, and even comes with a mini-book with illustrations to entertain both kids and adults.

    Desktop Fire Extinguisher, Amazon,

  • Tortilla Throw Blanket

    TORTILLA THROW BLANKET: Amazon *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Multiple Size Options

    If you and the little ones are feeling cold during this year-end season, cozy up with this tortilla throw blanket that will keep you snuggly and warm. You can choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 47 inches to 90 inches, so you can wrap it around the kiddos or even together as a family!

    Tortilla Throw Blanket, Amazon,


  • Pooping Elf

    POOPING ELF: Boxer Gifts *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Funny Christmas Gift

    Have you ever seen a pooping elf? Now you have. This hilarious toy is actually a candy dispenser, where he releases jellybeans when you pull down his arm. Perfect for the festive season, it’s a great gag gift for any age. You can also refill it with other tiny snacks from unscrewing the elf’s head, so you will have repeated laughter again and again!

    Pooping Elf, Boxer Gifts,

  • Cartoon Crocodile Christmas Socks

    CARTOON CROCODILE SOCKS: Shein *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Only $6.75

    Christmas season is all about socks and stockings, so why not project your quirkiest and craziest self with these cartoon crocodile socks? Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they will also make a bold fashion statement at your festive gathering. The top part of the socks resemble crocodile teeth, as if you you’ve been “eaten” by one. The best part? It’s less than SG$10!

    Cartoon Crocodile Socks, Shein,

  • Piano Musical Finger Toy

    PIANO FINGERS MUSICAL TOY: Urban Outfitters *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Suitable For All Ages

    Who said you have to be talented to play music? Show off your musical skills and maybe even play festive tunes like “Jingle Bells” this Christmas with these piano fingers musical toy. The musical gloves are attached to your fingers, so you can simulate playing an actual piano. Do note that it requires batteries to play – but you don't have to tell your guests that.

    Piano Fingers Musical Toy, Urban Outfitters,

  • Banana Man Stuffed Toy

    BANANA MAN SOFT TOY: Fruugo *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Use Any Way You Want

    Soft toys are not always ridiculous – they’re comforting and an ideal companion for both kids and adults. But a banana man with magnetic hands? Now that’s a different story. This Banana Man Soft Toy is dressed in a yellow hoodie, and has magnetic hands so you can place him in any position you wish, which adds to the overall wackiness. Have him hold your items, balance him on your furniture, or have him do a yoga pose – you decide!

    Banana Man Soft Toy, Fruugo,

  • Welcomeish Mat

    WELCOME-ISH FLOOR MAT: Etsy *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Perfect For Christmas Grinches

    We get it, not everybody enjoys the festive season of celebratory feasting and house visits. So that’s why this welcome-ish floor mat will make a hilariously perfect gift for grinches. With a tagline that says “Welcome-ish (depends on who you are)”, surprise your guests and relatives with this honesty when they come for a not-so-welcome visit.

    Welcome-ish Floor Mat, Etsy,

  • Mood Calendar

    SINGLETS MY MOOD CHART: Ameba *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Localized Gift For Singaporeans

    If you or your giftee are known to not say how you or they really feel, this Singlets My Mood Chart will help with exactly that. Instead of a standard calendar, this gift is laced with all sorts of Singaporean sentiments to show how you’re feeling at home or work. Examples include “bo pian must wait” (no choice but have to wait) and “tahan one more day” (endure for one more day). Perhaps you can use this for your parents or your boss.

    Singlets My Mood Chart, Ameba,  ​

  • Toilet Timer

    TOILET TIMER: Shopee *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Useful Household Gift

    Does your husband spend way too long in the shower? Or does your kids not brush their teeth long enough at night? This toilet timer is useful yet absurd to plan the most ideal timings for your family in the loo. The hourglass timer comes in a shape of a silhouette using the toilet bowl, with the sand filling up the “toilet bowl” as time runs out.

    Toilet Timer, Shopee,

  • Meowditation

    MEOWDITATION STRESS TOY: Spectrum Store *Ridiculous But Awesome Gifts For Christmas

    Helps With Mental Illness

    Mental health is more important than ever in today’s society, so this meditation stress toy will come in handy for that always-stressed friend or family member. Featuring an orange cat in a calm and zen mode, the tagline even cheekily says the pun  “stress relief to leave you feline fine”. Tip: use this when you’re stressed preparing your Christmas gatherings or thinking of what gifts to buy!

    Meowditation Stress Toy, Spectrum Store,

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