Best Toddler-Friendly Tricycles For Outdoor Fun In Singapore

Keep Your Tots In The Pink Of Health With These Comfy And Durable Trikes!


Engaging your kids in outdoor activities can be challenging, especially when they prefer to stay home watching Cocomelon on their iPads. A good way to bait them out of the bat cave may be to give them these swanky-looking tricycles! While you want them to be healthy, it is also important to consider the safety aspects of these tricycles. To make your choices easier, here are some of the best child-friendly, durable and chic-looking tricycles for your kids.

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  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-Globber-Explorer-Trike-Series-in-singapore


    Globber’s Explorer Trike series is a baby tricycle and kids balance bike all packed into one. The tricycle can be conveniently transformed into a balance bicycle for both girls and boys with a couple of pushbuttons and wheel knobs, making it suitable for kids from 10 months up to 5 years old. Their built-in front wheel systems come with a lock and unlock buttons to allow you to stay in control and steer the tricycle safely. To ensure maximum comfort as your kids hone their motor skills, the tricycles are equipped with ergonomic grips and adjustable saddle to last your toddler through their childhood years!

    How much: From SG$179

    Where to buy it: Globber,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-road-star-wooden-trike-in-singapore


    If you want a tricycle that can be used indoors and outdoors, then the Road Star Wooden Trike is the ideal choice! This delightful-looking tricycle is specially designed to help your toddler develop the strength, balance, and coordination that they need for walking, running, and cycling. The tricycle is made out of chunky solid beechwood wood, ensuring that it is non-toxic for your little one. It comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from depending on your kid’s preference and is suitable for kids between 1 to 12 years old.

    How much: SG$134.90

    Where to buy it: LittleShop, +65 6974 6965,,



  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-banwood-tricycle-in-singapore


    The Banwood Tricycle is practical yet classic with its vintage look and it is the perfect tricycle for kids between 2 and 6 years of age to get started on their cycling journey. It comes with a detachable push handle to help your little ones get started and adjustable handle bars as your kid grows older. The Banwood Tricycle comes in a range of pastel colors such as cream and pink, and we absolutely love the additional accessories that come with this tricycle such as the wicker basket and bell!

    How much: SG$240

    Where to buy it: Smallable,



  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-iimo-foldable-tricycle-in-singapore


    The Imimo foldable tricycle ticks all the boxes in terms of space-saving, versatility, and ergonomics. It is uniquely designed to suit your growing kid at different stages (from 1.5 - 4 years old), with the option to transform into 5 stages. Aside from its stylish design, the tricycle comes with shock absorption wheels and a one-handed steering control mechanism to guarantee smooth and easy maneuvering when you are out. Since it is lightweight and foldable, this tricycle is extremely convenient to bring during your outdoor excursions.

    How much: SG$198

    Where to buy it: Pupsik Studio,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-Zycom-ztrike-in-singapore


    If you are looking to introduce your kid to independent pedalling, then the Zycom zTrike may be a good step up from a regular tricycle. Designed for kids under the age of 5 years old, the zTrike features lightweight wheels with a wide wheelbase and non-slip grips, making it suitable for your kids to develop their sense of control, coordination, and confidence. Its easy to use fold-and-lock mechanism allows you to easily take it along wherever you go!

    How much: SG$119.63

    Where to buy it: ToyTag,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-Chillafish-BMXie-Balance-Bike-in-singapore


    Chillafish BMXie balance bike is hands down the coolest tricycle for kids. It features a detachable font number plate for your little one to customize and decorate with their favorite stickers. Besides the customization features, the tricycle is also designed to keep your kids safe with their foam core, airless rubber-skin tires, and steel glider. The adjustable seat and removable footrest accommodates the tricycle as your kid grows, making it suitable for kids aged between 2 to 5 years old.

    How much: SG$92.52

    Where to buy it: ToyTag,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-micro-trike-in-singapore


    For kids who enjoy tricycles but are too tired (or lazy) to pedal, then the Micro Trike is an easy solution. It is similar to pushing a cart while your kid is on board, without him or her having to expend their energy pedaling. The Micro Trike is also lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry whether you are going for a short stroll in the park or visiting a mall. Given its compact design, it is best suited for kids aged under 5 years old.

    How much: SG$145

    Where to buy it: Black and White Trading,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-Bentley-6-in-1-Stroller-trike-in-singapore


    There is no better way for your little one to zip around in style than with the Bentley stroller/trike. This 6-in-1 tricycle transforms as your child progresses in age, ensuring that they can be used for many years to come. Some of the functional features that come along with its impeccable style include multiple footrest positions, a reclining and swivel seat, a removable parent push handle, and a fun free wheel & handle function. Ideal for kids at 6 months up to 6 years old.

    How much: SG$880

    Where to buy it: Bentley Babies,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-muji-tricycle-in-singapore


    The Muji Tricycle encompasses a minimalist yet practical design. Ideal for kids 18 months and above, this modest yet classic looking tricycle comes with non-slip grips and pedals, providing that much-needed stability and safety. Its iron frame and synthetic resin wheels make it easy to wipe off dirt and grime that may accumulate over time. With its padded saddle seats, your little one is guaranteed comfort as they pedal their way around!

    How much: SG$139

    Where to buy it: Muji,

  • Toddler-friendly-tricycles-Fisher-Price-Harley-Davidson-Motorcycle-Tough Trike-in-singapore


    This mini Harley Davidson tricycle has all the features you look for in a first tricycle. Big foot pedals make it easy for the little ones to get rolling and easy-grip handlebars allow them to maneuver around easily. It is also equipped with rugged, durable tires and a stable wheel base for that added stability and safety. The cool part? It even comes with a “clicking” key to let your little one feel as if they are really riding! This cool Harley Davidson styling tricycle is perfect for kids between 2 to 5 years.

    How much: SG$139

    Where to buy it: Lazada,

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