Binky Boo Swimwear *CLOSED

For Little Girls By a Little Girl

Who’s eight years old, has lived in three countries and has an eye for swimwear architecture?

Meet Olivia Kerr, a mini-designer with a passion for awe-sy cozzies. Olivia’s cultured background, stemming from being raised across two continents in her mere eight years, has given her an eye-for-sublime, culminating in the launch of her first collection, Binky Boo Swimwear.

Drawing its namesake from her nickname, Binky Boo, Binky Boo Swimwear reflects the cute and fun nature found in the under-ten-girl-power crowd, yet has the sophistication of seasoned designers four times Olivia’s age. Crafted with perfect paisleys and rosy ruffles, each suit taps into the inspiration of the wants of your little world-wise wonder.

EDITOR NOTE:  Shop is closed

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Suit up with marvelous maillots crafted by a little girl for little girls!

Who It's Perfect For:

Little ladies, mini-me’s, and sun sophisticates.

What Else:​

Double the cute! Mommy-me’s can shop Belicious Swimwear’s site for their own fab funwear located right here in sunny Singapore.

Additional Info:​

Binky Boo Swimwear


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