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10 Zero Waste And Sustainability Living Stores In Singapore

Do Your Part For The Environment!


Admittedly, reducing waste in Singapore can be a challenge even if more and more people are aware of its importance. In fact, it has been reported that Singapore generated a whopping 7.81 billion tonnes of waste in 2016 alone, and also uses an average of 2.5 billion plastic bags a year. If those numbers are enough to get you started on joining the #ZeroWaste movement (which it should!), here are 10 retail stores in Singapore for you and your family to begin your quest toward saving our environment!


    A major contribution to waste is our consumption of plastic straws. To combat this harmful yet overlooked action, one Singaporean is taking it upon herself to make a change with her online initiative, Bamboo Straw Girl. The e-store retails economically-friendly solutions, with straws and utensils made of all-natural bamboo instead of plastic ones. Additionally, you can also find other bamboo products like pens and coasters. Besides, they make great gifts for friends and family!


    Bamboo Straw

  • Forward Coffee Singapore


    Did you know that your coffee can also be more sustainable for the environment? Foreward Coffee ethically sources their coffee from 4 countries in Asia, 6 farms, featuring 7 single-origins. They directly import green coffee from farmers because they want to provide a sustainable and secure market for them. The beans are locally roasted and the company employs baristas from the Deaf community, persons with autism, mild intellectual disabilities, mild physical disabilities, and/or persons in-recovery from mental illnesses. As well, they promote conscious consumption by encouraging customers to bring their own coffee cups thereby reducing the amount of waste they produce.


    Foreward Coffee, Civil Service College Buona Vista, Centre for Healthcare Innovation, & Temasek Shophouse,

  • The Social Place


    Nestled in the heart of CBD, The Social Space is avidly advocates minimizing waste. Instead of plastic, their cups are served in a handmade mug (from Center Pottery and also available for sale!) while plastic straws are replaced with metal ones for customers. Take your part for the environment one step further, by bringing home some of the products featured in the retail space within the outlet as well – and they’re all eco-friendly and serve good causes. Some of the highlights include Perky By Nature’s coffee cups made from bamboo fiber, ‘ear mugs’ made by The Ketumu Project that helps people suffering from schizophrenia, as well as accessories made from Fugeelah that utilizes recycled materials. Take it a step further and bring your own containers from home and refill soap, shampoo and cleaning liquids for your home at their Refillery station.


    The Social Space, Kreta Ayer & Marine One Residences,

  • Scoop WHolefoods


    Bulk grocery shopping is fast becoming a hit and with Scoop Wholefoods, you can do so with ease and know that you're doing your part for the environment too. Their extensive variety of sustainable products from Australia and around the world is impressive and you can get just about anything here. From spices, pre-jarred ingredients, soup mixes, pre-measured ingredients to even chilled items and personal products, this is one place not to be missed in your next zero-waste grocery shopping spree. Their new outlet at PLQ mall is set to be open soon too!


    Scoop Wholefoods, Tanglin Mall, Great World City, PLQ Mall,


    For both a healthier you and a healthier environment, opt for eco-friendly fashion apparel, like Touch The Toes. Offering sustainably-made yoga apparel and mats, the online company has become a hit among both yoga and waste-reducing enthusiasts for their quirky designs and earth-saving qualities. Made from materials such as organic cotton and bamboo blends, the items shopped here will not only have you looking good but feeling good as well!


    Touch The

  • Unpackt Singapore


    Fill up on superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, and all kinds of nuts at Unpackt. Bring your own containers or borrow them from the shop - don't worry, there isn't a minimum amount that you've to fill up - simply weigh and pay at the counter. There's also a Green Kulture station where you can refill natural soaps and household cleaning agents. Unpackt also conducts regular workshops on how to make your own beauty products. Visit their Facebook page for more information and updates.


    Unpackt, Jalan Kuras & Downtown Gallery,

  • The Sustainability Project


    The Sustainability Project aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle in your life. Through their online shop, they offer a wide range of high-quality sustainable products at affordable prices. From toiletries like bamboo toothbrushes to shampoo bars and soaps, they've also introduced tooth powder, a perfect plastic-free and natural alternative to commercial toothpaste! There's also an 'imperfect' section where they stock products that have some flaws but are still perfectly functional. Free shipping is offered for all Singapore orders above SG$50.


    The Sustainability

  • ECO.LE

    Eco.Le strives to bring zero-waste lifestyle essentials easily accessible and closer to you. They offer general groceries without the packaging and also refills. Bring your own container (BYOC), purchase or pick up from the cleaned reusable containers available in-store. Products include dried food products like grains, pasta, and snacks. They also have a comprehensive range of toiletries and a soywax candle refill service. Check out their list of products here.


    Eco.Le, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-56 Bukit Timah Shopping Center, Singapore 588179,

  • 10 Zero Waste Stores In Singapore - Neis Haus


    To cut out as much plastic usage in your life, stock your home with Neis Haus' wide range of household items that all use alternative materials while still getting the job done. Discover toothbrushes crafted from bamboo, dental floss made from silk floss and wax, and food bags made from cloth. Kids will love the unique 100% natural Loofah-art products for bath time too, that comes in adorable shapes of a duck, watermelon or more!



Additional Info:​

Also, check out these eco-friendly stores in Singapore

Eco U - Elegant, biodegradable, disposal cutlery & paperware for all your party needs!

L'earth - BIo-composite plastic products that are less harmful, toxic and are recyclable.

Puritsy - Safe, friendly and eco products for your kids. You can find Pura products here too!

The First Green Store - Writing materials, gift bags, & customization service.

The Castile Soap Shop - Promotes the use of Castile Soaps that's readily biodegradable, sustainable, and all-natural.

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