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Top Food And Drink Subscription Boxes In Singapore

Specially Curated, Fresh, Convenient


We’ve all heard of kids’ subscription boxes filled with craft and a smorgasbord of activities to keep them engaged. For busy moms and dads, these food and drinks subscription boxes are simply a godsend! Whether you want to switch up your snacking routine, opt for healthier food options, or just indulge in some delightful treats as you stay safe and stay home this period of time, these subscription boxes will be a delight to look forward to every month. Here are our top picks!

  • Boxgreen-Snacks-Subscription-Singapore

    BOXGREEN - Healthy Snacks Subscription

    Boxgreen is a one-stop-shop for deliciously wholesome snacks and is perfect for parents wanting to inculcate the concept of healthy snacking in their kids. With a daily dose of nuts, dried fruits, and grains, Boxgreen strives to promote its range of snacks. You can choose from their range of curated snack boxes or build your own box (subscription plan available) with your favorites. There's even a Kid's Box that's packed with 12 snacks with free stickers featuring 4 varieties of kid-friendly goodies. Not sure what snacks to pick? Order the Variety Box that includes top popular snacks with 4 varieties of sweet and savory options. We are intrigued by their Grounded nut butter squeeze packs that satisfy your sweet and savory cravings on the go!

    Subscription Plan: Build Your Own Box, SG$9.90. More info here.

    Where to find it: Boxgreen,

  • Grain-Subscription-Boxes-In-Singapore

    GRAIN - Wholesome Meals Subscription

    For corporate moms and dads, Grain might be more of a solution for you than your kiddos. No more rushing during lunch hour just to beat the queue or pay exorbitant prices for mediocre food. The chefs at Grain have experience at top notch restaurants and guarantee that their daily meals are hearty and wholesome. Their menu changes ever so often so you're in for a new treat each time. Subscribe to their Grain Savers plans that offer promo codes to help you save more on subsequent meal orders. Sweet!

    Subscription Plans: SG$19/month, SG$29/month, or SG$39/month. More info here.

    Where to find it: Grain,

  • Kombynation-Kombucha-Subscription-Singapore

    KOMBYNATION CO. - Kombucha Subscription

    Kombucha is a sweetened, slightly fizzy tea that’s been fermented with cultures called SCOBYs (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and has been said to improve gut health, strengthen immunity, detoxify, and reduce bloating. Kombynation Co. is an artisanal non-alcoholic fermented beverage company that aims to spread good bacteria, one bottle at a time. The company aims to combine ancient technologies with modern science to create new age fermented, functional beverages starting with their signature line of Kombucha & Superfruits blends. Their current flavors include Original Komby, Berried peaches, Chiananas, and Gingeric passion.

    Subscription Plan: Choose your desired flavors, click on 'subscribe and save', and choose your duration plus delivery options. From SG$6.30. More info here.

    Where to find it: Kombynation Co.,

  • Hook-Coffee-Subscription-Singapore

    HOOK COFFEE - Coffee Subscription

    Hook Coffee prides itself on offering sustainable and ethically sourced coffee at affordable prices. Their products are made from 100 percent speciality grade Arabica coffee from the world's best farms. This local coffee brand ships your order within 7 days of roasting and ensure that you have fresh, top quality beans delivered right to your doorstep. Choose from whole or ground beans, drip coffee bags, or Nespresso compatible pods (we love!). We're hooked on their vibrant packaging and catchy names for their coffee collection like The Godfather, Brazilian Tan, and Birds of Paradise.

    Subscription Plan: Choose your coffee format, delivery frequency, or asked to be surprised with different coffees each time. Earn Beanie Points when you subscribed. Cost is calculated upon checkout.

    Where to find it: Hook Coffee,

  • Avo-&-Co.-Fresh-Produce-Subscription-Singapore

    AVO AND CO. - Fresh Produce Subscription

    Avo & Co.'s Seasonal Boxes occurs weekly by default and offers a selection of fruit and veg only boxes or combination boxes like their popular Signature Box (for 3-5 pax) with bread, protein, milk, eggs, 11 vegetables, and 5 fruits! Their Regular Organic Fruits & Vege Box contains 14 vegetables and 5 fruits that come from accredited farms from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Do note that there is only 1 shipment per week for organic produce, so this box is available for deliveries on Fridays and Saturdays. Opt for the petite boxes if you do not want such a large quantity at one go.

    Subscription Plan: Seasonal Boxes delivered weekly from SG$68 - SG$178

    Where to find it: Avo & Co.,

  • Wala-Club-Wine-Sake-Subscription-Singapore

    WALA CLUB - Wine & Sake Subscription

    With a subscription to Wala Club, you can experience a variety of wines and sake all for an affordable monthly fee. Their Flexi Discovery Plan includes 2 different bottles from Australian/New Zealand, French, Italian/Spanish, or Japanese Sake depending on the country you select for the month. You can also choose to upgrade to the Indulgence Package that features award-winning premium-grade wine. A Fixed Plan allows you to choose either wine from specific countries or Sake to be delivered monthly.

    Subscription Plans: Flexi Plan or Fixed Plan from SG$88 onwards.

    Where to find it: Wala Club,

  • The-Kettle-Gourmet-Popcorn-Subscription-Singapore

    THE KETTLE GOURMET - Popcorn Subscription

    Popcorn subscription? Who would have thought there'll be such an option? The Kettle Gourmet has grown to be a popcorn manufacturer and distributor that serves freshly hand-baked popcorn with unique local flavors like Nasi Lemak, Chilli Crab, and Kaya Butter Toast! Popcorns are baked fresh daily, contain no trans-fat, are non-GMO, and made with only quality ingredients from all over the world. Simply choose your preferred bundle and flavors, pick a subscription plan, and have your popcorn delivered monthly to your doorstep. Easy!

    Subscription Plans: 3 months SG$27, 6 months SG$25.50, 12 months SG$24 (Assorted Singles Bundle). More info here.

    Where to find it: The Kettle Gourmet,

  • Yaya-Papaya-Fruits-Subscription-Singapore

    YAYA PAPAYA - Fresh Fruits Subscription

    Yaya Papaya is on a mission to bring Singapore the most exciting and exquisite products from all around the world. Based in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Center, with their extensive connections to many wholesalers, importers, and overseas growers, they are able to bring in a wide variety of both standard as well as exotic fruits. There are 4 different subscription boxes to choose from. If you're looking to boost your immunity, opt for the Immunity Box packed with fruits of high anti-oxidant levels and disease prevention capabilities. The Rainbow Box is all about variety and color as fruits are chosen based on the colors of the rainbow. More info here.

    Subscription Plan: 4 Fruit Boxes to choose from at SG$45 per box. Delivered monthly.

    Where to find it: Yaya Papaya,

  • Citizen-Farm-Vegetables-Subscription-Singapore

    CITIZEN FARM - Farm-Fresh Produce Subscription

    Citizen Farm is a sustainable closed-loop urban farm run by Edible Garden City that aims to build a more robust and sustainable urban farming model for the world at large and to produce fresh, safe, and tasty greens for the community. They offer a weekly veggie bundle filled with healthy, locally grown greens for you and your family. This bundle contains all sorts of vegetables, herbs, microgreens, mushrooms, and even flowers periodically. With a subscription, you no longer have to settle for vegetables that are grown in places you don't know about by farmers whom you’ve never met, in conditions and standards you are unsure about. Plus, you will also receive Edible Garden City’s 100% safe and fresh veggies grown by honest, local chaps, farming in the heart of our city.

    Subscription Plans: SG$35 a week for a 12-week subscription or SG$40 a week for an 8-week subscription.

    *NEW! Share a 12-week subscription with a friend! Register up to two delivery addresses per subscription. Delivery periods may overlap; split the duration as you wish. More info here.

    Where to find it: Citizen Farm,

  • The-Beer-Pioneer-Beer-Subscription-Singapore

    THE BEER PIONEER - Craft Beer Subscription

    With The Beer Pioneer, experiencing a variety of craft beers is simple! Just signup and choose your preferred subscription. They have options of 8 monthly beers with regular or premium beers, as well as the pioneer pack that contains beers from a little further afield. You'll receive your first beers the following day, and then the same date of every month thereafter. That's it! For the month of May, subscription prices are at 50% off! More info here.

    Subscription Plans: 8 different and fantastic beers every month, starting from SG$34.50 to SG$49.50.

    Where to find it: The Beer Pioneer,

  • The-Edible-Co.-Granola-Subscription-Singapore

    THE EDIBLE CO. - Granola Subscription

    Granola, granola, granola! The Edible Co. has got your granola cravings covered for 3 months at one go with their subscription plan. You will have a choice of 6 Granola packs of  250g each. Choose from flavors like Cranberry Almond, Coconut Gula Melaka, Hazelnut Chocolate, Maple Honey Pecan, or just Good Ol' Vanilla. Delivery schedules will be emailed to you at least 3 to 5 days in advance and they will keep to delivery around the same date as the first. Flavors will also be kept to the same as the first delivery unless requested in advance. More info here.

    Subscription Plan: SG$209 for 3 months.

    Where to find it: The Edible Co.,

  • Tian-Wei-Signature-Confinement-Food-Singapore

    TIAN WEI SIGNATURE - Confinement Food Subscription

    Not your ordinary food subscription package, Tian Wei Signature is great for new moms as they create appetizing meals for confinement mothers so that they do not miss out on the essential ingredients needed to boost their post-natal recovery. They offer both traditional confinement food as well as a fusion option. They've also introduced ReLacto that caters to the needs and well-being of a nursing mother from the second month onwards. Meal packages range from 7 days to 28 days. More info here.

    Subscription Plans: SG$478 to SG$1688 (for lunch & dinner).

    Where to find it: Tian Wei Signature,

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