Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

Refreshing Ways To Reveal Whether It's A Boy Or Girl!

Best Ways To Reveal Baby's Gender In Singapore

Gender reveal parties are such joyous occasions, so it’s no surprise they’re becoming increasingly common as time goes by. Although this makes it a little harder to come up with original themes and ideas, there are still ways to tweak your own party so it won’t feel too commonplace. If you’ve got a bun in the oven and haven’t quite decided how to reveal your baby’s gender yet, maybe one of these ideas will give you the inspiration you need!

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  • Pinata Surprise


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    You can use a colorful piñata as a creative replacement for the usual gender reveal balloons. Guests can have a smashing good time taking turns to hit the piñata while blindfolded, guaranteeing some good laughs in the process. Then, towards the end, the parents-to-be get to hit the piñata until it breaks and colored confetti fall out to reveal the gender of your baby.

  • Fortune Cookies


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    Using customized fortune cookies is a cute, quirky way to reveal your baby’s gender! Since fortune cookies are usually eaten at the end of the meal, it adds a sense of excitement and suspense while everyone eats and chit-chats. Better yet, don’t even let your guests know that the gender announcement is hidden in the fortune cookies you're serving them, then watch as they become wide-eyed and surprised when they open the cookies themselves!

  • Paint Guns


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    For this idea, both parents-to-be have to wear white during the gender reveal party. Guests will be equipped with water guns that have acrylic or water-soluble paint in them and begin shooting at the couple when it’s time to reveal the baby’s gender! It’s a beautiful way to find out if your little one is a boy or girl, and guests will probably enjoy it too.

  • Hidden Message


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    Revealing your baby’s gender doesn’t even have to happen at a party! You can simply gift your closest friends and family a candle that they can burn at their own pace, and in it contains a hidden message indicating whether your baby is a boy or a girl. It’s an endearing idea that keeps the suspense a little longer as they slowly watch the hidden message appear.

  • Ultrasound Reveal


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    Not quite your typical gender reveal party, this one includes a visit to the doctor’s office with your closest friends and family. You’ll find out the gender of your baby together during the ultrasound appointment, making it a tad more intimate. It’s probably going to be a wonderful moment you’ll all hold dear to your hearts.

  • Bath Bombs


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    Another reveal that doesn’t have to happen in real-time, sending out gender reveal bath bombs to your loved ones allows them to find out the gender of your baby while also providing them with a nice foot bath or relaxing bath time. All in all, it’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Siblings Participation


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    We’re sure your other kids will want to be included in the gender reveal planning committee as well! Once your closest confidante finds out the gender of your baby for you, he or she can share it with your kiddos. Then, at the party, you’re allowed to ask yes or no questions while your kids provide the answers, and slowly you and bae will figure out the gender of the baby! It’s a really adorable way to ensure your little ones have loads of fun during the process.

  • Baby Pictures


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    This one doesn’t quite reveal the gender of your baby, but can be a filler game at your gender reveal party. Have all your guests send in baby photos of themselves beforehand, so that the group of you can have fun guessing who’s who when you reveal each of those photographs. It’ll be an entertaining game that'll have everyone cackling in no time.


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    Some people believe that you can tell a baby’s gender based on specific factors like the shape of the mother’s bump or her food cravings during pregnancy. Use these myths to play a fun game that allows guests to predict the gender of your baby depending on your answers. Templates for a game like this can easily be purchsased online as well.

  • Themed Party


    Top 10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In Singapore

    If you and your guests have something in common that you’re all passionate about, center the theme of your party around it so that it’s an even more immersive experience for everyone! Decorate the place according to theme — even down to the smallest details — and play related games that’ll get everyone excited. For example, a couple who enjoys the tv series Game of Thrones alongside their friends can purchase a gender reveal egg like this one to announce the gender of their baby!

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