Here your kids get to experience the thrill and excitement of operating real life construction vehicles! How cool is that!

Children putting on construction hats looking like real construction workers, building small blocks and manipulating a digger, is an opportunity for them to assert themselves and be responsible by experiencing the challenges of life in a fun way. Why not take home a mini digger when you’ve finished your day of fun.

Orto is Diggersites second location in Singapore, so there’s plenty of room to dig, dig, dig!


Here are a few things to note before you visit the site:

*Opening hours are from 11am to 9pm daily. 9am to 9pm on public holidays and weekends.
*Each station is priced at SG$7. There is a bundle promotion of SG$30 for 5, or SG$50 for 10. (Cash payment & NETS only.)
*Each ride duration is for 6-7 minutes.
*Usage of safety helmet and vest is complimentary.
*Wear covered shoes to protect your little ones’ feet (and yours!)
*Sunblock is a MUST especially if you foresee your kids spending most of the time in the outdoor stations.