Best Bicycle Seats For Babies And Kids In Singapore

Go On A Cycling Adventure With These Kid-Friendly Bicycle Seats!

Bicycle Seats For Kids In Singapore

There is no reason not to take your little ones along when going on a cycling adventure around Singapore. While there are no hard rules and regulations about children bicycle seats in Singapore, you should be using “appropriate” ones. This means knowing when to use front-mounted to back-mounted, ensuring that the seat is comfortable for short and long rides, as well as having proper straps and bars in place to keep your little one safe as you commute on your bicycle. We have narrowed down a list of child-friendly bicycle seats to help you decide on one that properly fits your child, your bike, and your riding style!

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    The Bobike ONE Mini is a front-facing seat that is ideal for foldable bicycles such as Brompton and 3sixty. With its double-walled backrest and colorfast material, it is a durable child seat that is suitable for both sunny and rainy weather. The shoulder straps are soft and comfortable, ensuring that your little one is safely and comfortably strapped in during your rides. As a front-facing seat, it is a suitable for children between 9 months to 3 years of age or a body weight of up to 15kg.

    How much: SG$300

    Where to get it: FootLoops,

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    If you are looking for a child bike seat that can last through the years, then the Bobike ONE Maxi is the ideal choice. It is a rear child seat that offers a Click & Go mounting system for easy installation if you need to switch between bicycles. The unique double-walled seat provides extra safety and the soft shoulder pads ensures comfort for your little one. With the water-repellent material seat, it is easy to clean and wash should any dirt and grime get onto the seat.

    How much: SG$230

    Where to get it: FootLoops,

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    For parents with kids above the age of 6, the GUPPY JUNIOR is the perfect choice. This no-frills child back seat comes with a comfortable back rest without the footrest sets. Its sturdy double coating and lightweight structure makes it durable to withstand everyday use. This child bicycle seat also comes with safety reflective stickers to alert other cyclists or pedestrians.

    How much: SG$180

    Where to get it: FootLoops,

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    For a highly secure and lightweight child bicycle seat for your little one, Thule's Yepp Nexxt Mini fits the bill. This lightweight and stylish front-mounted child bike seat weighs just 1.7kg and is suitable for little toddlers up to the weight of 15kg. The seat is fitted with an adjustable padded 5-point harness, providing comfort and safety as you cycle with your little one in tow. This child bicycle seat is also shock absorbant, minimising the impact on your little as you cycle across bumpy or uneven roads.

    How much: SG$199

    Where to get it: SpeedOn5,

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    The Thule Yepp Maxi Rear Seat is the cousin of the Yepp Nexxt Mini and is ideal for children up to a weight capacity of 22kg. Similar to the Nexxt Mini, the Maxi version comes with an adjustable padded -5-point harness for maxmimum comfort and safety. The magnetic childproof safety buckle makes it extremely easy and convenient to secure your kid in the seat. With the innovative adjustable foot rests and straps, this ensures that the bicycle seat is always a perfect fit as your kid grows!

    How much: SG$249

    Where to get it: SpeedOn5,

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    The Hamax Observer is a front-facing child bicycle seat that allows your little one to view the world from the angle of a bicycle! It offers easy-to-use adjustable features designed to be single-handed so that you can keep one hand on the bike when securing your child in the seat. The easy mounting feature makes this seat highly adaptabile to multiple bike styles, be it a foldable bicycle, mountain or city bike.  The foam padded straps offers exceptional comfort and secure fit so that your little one maintains a proper positioning without being able to wriggle free. This seat is suitable for children from 9 months to 15kg.

    How much: SG$170

    Where to get it: Hello, Bicycle!,

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    Decathlon's 100 Pannier Rack Kids Seat is perhaps one of the more affordable child bicycle seats in the market. Despite its price tag, this child seat certainly does not compromise on quality! It is compatibile with most bicycles that have a pannier rack and suitable for children aged 9 months to 4-5 years old. The seat straps come with cushioned paddings that can be easily removed and cleaned should any food or water stains get onto it. With the adjustable foot rest to accommodate your growing child, this child bicycle seat is definitely one to consider!

    How much: SG$70

    Where to get it: Decathlon,

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    If you are intending to go on a longer cycling communte, then the Thule Ridealong Mini Front Seat would be suitable for your little one. This comfortable and durable front child seat allows your child to take in the frontal view with maximum emphasis on safety while keeping the ride enjoyable for them. The seat accommodates little ones up to the weight of 15kg and the childproof safety buckle makes it easy and convenient to secure your little in. With the adjustable padded 5-point harness, your little one will be comfortably and securely strapped in as you embark on a longer cycling adventure!

    How much: SG$139

    Where to get it: Togoparts,

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    The Hamax Sleepy is another perfect bicycle child seat if you are intending to go for longer cycling rides. The seat has a recline function which provides a good alternative if your little one needs a nap during the ride. The simple, one-handed reclining dial can be adjusted easily without you have to discount your bike or take your child out of the seat. The seat also has a dual-bar steel suspension system to provide a seamless and smooth ride for your little one as you travel along the bumpy roads. This seat is suitable for little ones from 9 months up to the age of 22kg.

    How much: SG$190

    Where to get it: Hello, Bicycle!,

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    If you are looking for something fuss-free and affordable, pheraps consider the BG Bicycle Fonr Child Seat. It is simple to assemble and can be fitted to most bike types, whether it is a foldable, mountain or city bike. The seat comes with a full safety belt, providing you with that additional assurance. There is also a handle for your little one to hold on, giving them the feel as if they are in control of the bicycle! The BG Bicycle Front Child Seat can take up to a maximum weight of 15kg.

    How much: SG$66

    Where to get it: EvoSportz,

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