Empowering Students Through Data-Driven Learning At GESS

Harnessing Data For Student Success

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GESS is transforming education through data-driven insights, with high-quality teaching and learning as a key pillar within the school’s five-year strategic plan. To support this, GESS is placing more emphasis on optimizing data from students to gain greater insights into how your child learns best.

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In this spotlight, GESS shares how it uses data to help students learn better.

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    A Data-driven School

    At GESS, being data-driven means teachers use different types of data to make important decisions about teaching and learning. This data can include student work samples, test scores, surveys, and classroom observations. By looking at this data, teachers can see what is working and what needs to be improved, which helps both teachers and students do better.

  • Understanding Student Progression

    Using data helps students understand what they need to work on. It lets them see their progress and set goals for themselves. Teachers can find the best ways to teach each student and fix any problems early. This makes learning more effective and personalized.

  • Presentation GESS Singapore

    A Dedicated Plan

    GESS has a dedicated team that’s working on being more data-driven, which includes a Head of Teaching and Learning, an Educational Data Technician and a faculty member in charge of Pedagogical Quality Management. The team is using data to help teachers and students be more effective.

    One big project is creating a data dashboard. This tool will let teachers easily see students' academic data, help set individual goals, and find areas where students need more support. They are also looking at patterns in the data to find the best teaching practices and giving teachers more training on using data. This helps improve teaching and gives students the best education possible.

    GESS is an active member of the wider educational data community too, gaining insights from industry experts and collaborating with other schools, including hosting a data conference in October 2024.

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