After-School Activity Leaders That Rock Singapore

Meet These Pros That Coach Your Kids!


Intrigued by these prominent After-School Activity Leaders in Singapore, the Little Steps team got the inside scoop on what inspired them to start their business, what they aspire kids to take away from their activities, and a whole lot more. Presenting our very own Singapore’s Activity Leaders That Rock – read on!

  • Candice Wang - Coding Lab®

    What inspired you to start your business?

    I taught IT classes at my Secondary school part time and I liked it so much that I chose to Minor in Computing at NUS. Later on at work, I was in sales and marketing, but I realized the importance of data analysis and automation - so important in getting work done and analyzing trends quickly. That helped me to stand out at my job. Once the kids were born, it didn't take much for me to decide that I wanted my kids, and all kids to benefit from early exposure to programming - in a fun, age-appropriate way. After that, it was all about finding the right business partner - my husband who lived and breathed programming, graduated with a Masters at MIT. We're fortunate to have found tutors who love kids and programming equally and can be an extension of our dream and vision.

    Can you share your favorite things to do in Singapore? Any secret finds?

    Climbing the summit of Bukit Timah Hill with my kids as well as walking the length of East Coast after a day's work and doing sand sculpting with the kids on weekends. Also, going for ice cream and waffles at KAP with the team (Psst! Try the Rum and Raisin from Kindred Folks - best flavor ever!)

    Coding Lab®, +65 6528 2282; learntocode@codinglab.com.sg, https://www.codinglab.com.sg/

  • SG-Oliver-CUFA

    Olliver Marx - Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA)

    Tell us a bit about you in 2-3 sentences.

    Before I started with CUFA in 2010, I was working in the Philippines for a Belgium Group and since 2000 in Singapore for an Austrian Group. My children played at CUFA from a very young age and when the former owner wanted to develop his coaching career abroad I took over CUFA.

    What do you feel kids take away from your activities?

    Apart from the physical aspect of strengthening the immune system through sports, the kids improve their hand foot and eye coordination, agility, and football skills through a variation of football drills, short matches, and tactical sessions. The feedback we get from parents is that the children have a better attention span, are able to follow instructions, and have better social and emotional skills.

    CUFA - Cosmo United Football Academy, +65 9821 3869, info@cufa.com.sg, https://cufa.com.sg/

  • ReneeStone-LornaWhiston-sg

    Renee Stone - Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd

    Let us know a bit about you in 2-3 sentences.

    I am originally from Perth, Western Australia, and have resided in this beautiful country for twenty-two years. I have been a teacher and a leader at enrichment centers here for the past eighteen years. I am a passionate educator and I believe in empowering my team and students to achieve success.

    Why do kids love going to your after-school activities?

    After a long school day, the last thing kids want is something that feels like school. That is what makes Lorna Whiston Enrichment classes so much fun. Our academic ethos is founded based on developing a life-long love for learning, which means that our delivery has to be engaging, thoughtful, and above all fun! Lorna Whiston’s native-speaking teachers are selected for their exceptional qualifications and experience in teaching children, making sure that every enrichment class is something our young learners look forward to. With classes in English Language and Speech & Drams, we accommodate all children. Regardless of each child’s capabilities, we work with parents to develop their children’s 20th-century skills, transforming them into talented and critical thinkers of tomorrow.

    Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd, +65 6871 8714, admissions@lornawhiston.com.sg, https://www.lornawhiston.com/

  • Sg-Peter-Center Stage

    Peter Hodgson - Centre Stage School of the Arts

    What inspired you to start your business?

    Ali and I are experienced actors. Children are a delight to teach. There are children who long to be on the stage and love anything to do with the performing arts, theatre, film, and TV. And then there are all those who need to work creatively, to play in order to feel more confident in the world or in themselves. Our primary motivation is to work creatively and help others to understand each other and to feel good about themselves.

    What do you feel kids take away from your activities?

    The performers hone their skills as actors, dancers, and musical theatre performers. They have the opportunity to work with experienced practitioners who have worked in the performing arts and are exposed to a network of excellent industry professionals. But even more importantly, everyone gains vital life skills. Students who come to us develop skills to help them cope with life, they are brave enough to volunteer their ideas, to put their hand up at schools, to make mistakes, to experiment, to have the confidence to stand up and try again. They are resilient, articulate, and aware.

    Centre Stage Scool of the Arts, +65 6732 7211, info@centre-stage.com, https://www.facebook.com/centrestageschooloftheartssg

  • Proactiv-Sports-Will-Murray-Singapore

    Will Murray - Proactiv Sports

    What inspired you to start your business?

    I have a real passion for sports and for ensuring children are taught the fundamental sports skills from an early age. I believe that if children enjoy sports from a young age, they will become active and healthy into adulthood. I had a very positive sporting experience when I was young and is the reason I founded Proactiv Sports in 2011 in Hong Kong. I get up every day to impact the lives of young people through sports.

    Why do kids love coming to your after-school activities?

    Our programs for young kids have a big emphasis on FUN. Our teaching style is relaxed and we allow children to learn at their own pace. At the end of the day, every person is different and learns in different ways. We believe that children should be as active as possible during our classes and not spending time in lines waiting for their turn!!

    Proactiv Sports, +65 6935 9496, info@proactivsports.com, https://sg.proactivsports.com/

  • Gabriel Suppiah - Score Campus

    Why do kids love coming to your after school activities?

    There is a lot of love here. This space is owned by them and they run it independently. They learn skills and build on their attributes and learn independently. There is a fine balance and more importantly, it is inspired by them. If the kids of the world were given an opportunity to design a learning experience, they would call it Score Campus. From the physical space to the ed-tech we built, it has its stamp everywhere. Score Campus is their home and they treat it that way.

    Can you share your favorite things to do in Singapore? Any secret finds?

    Head over to Dairy Farm Park and Quarry. It is an awesome open area many don't know exist. Also check out Bollywood Veggies - An Organic Farm Space and of course Score Campus - the World's first learning experience space!

    Score Campus, +65 9695 1102, scorecampus@gmail.com, https://scorecampus.com/

  • Saturday-Kids-John-Tan-Singapore

    John Tan - Saturday Kids

    Tell us about you and what inspired you to start your business?

    I'm a Dad of 5, and an education entrepreneur and angel investor. I'm passionate about the future of work and learning and recently got into skateboarding. In my free time, I go crate-digging and spend time outdoors with my kids. In 2012, as an investor and parent, I grew aware of the increasing importance of tech skills like programming and self-directed learning, and how kids weren't learning that in mainstream schools. So I started Saturday Kids to teach kids about technology through a play-based approach that develops curiosity, fosters self-motivated learning. More recently, I started ed-tech company Doyobi, where we're using a tech-based platform to make teaching fun for educators.

    Can you share your favorite things to do in Singapore? Any secret finds?

    I hang out a lot at Choice Cuts in Joo Chiat - it's my favorite place to discover and pick up records with my kids and they serve a decent cup of coffee. Another frequent hangout of mine is The Projector, a local indie cinema with an unusual selection of films.

    Saturday Kids, +65 3159 0980, john@saturdaykids.com, https://www.saturdaykids.com/

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