MindChamps Allied Care Collaboration

Social Awareness For Children With Developmental Issues


MindChamps Allied Care are working closely with teachers and families to support your child’s development. School is a context in which children learn how to be strategic learners, treasured friends, valued community members, creative performers and efficient workers. Being a school student comprises many roles that can be appreciated or challenged by the academic and social expectations of teachers and classmates. For some students, the classroom can be ‘hard work’ and the playground can be a lonely or unhappy place because of executive functioning difficulties.

Dr Susan Lowe is giving some talks at Mindchamp so you can learn more about making the school experience better for your little one. The talk will also focus on the importance of strong partnerships between teachers, parents and allied health professionals and provide opportunities to explore the following:

• How can you identify the strengths and difficulties of a student’s executive functioning
abilities during performance in the context of their everyday school activities?

• What are some effective cognitive strategies which can support a student’s increased
engagement in learning within academic domains at school and social domains at

• How can teachers, parents and allied health professionals collaborate in a meaningful
and relevant way?

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Not all kids are confident at school, Mindchamps are helping family's by supporting them by giving them with useful tools so their kids can go to school happy.

Who It's Perfect For:

Kids who lack confidence at school.

What Else:​

Dr Lowe positions herself strategically in schools in partnership with teachers to increase their capacity to teach students who have executive functioning difficulties. By doing so, she aims to increase students’ readiness for learning through more efficient thinking strategies to develop resilience in vulnerable students.

Additional Info:​



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