6 Best Creative Writing Programs And Classes For Kids In Singapore *UPDATED

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The best creative writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

Creative writing will get your children’s imagination going. It will encourage your little ones to express themselves, create exciting characters, and develop a narrative and plot full of twists, turns, and imagination. As the name suggests, creative writing explores different genres and styles, such as poetry, script, storytelling, prose, and journalism. Whether your little one strives to be the next J. K. Rowling or the much-loved David Walliams, there is something for every genre, including action and adventure, science fiction and fantasy, comedy, and drama.

Creative writing is favorable for many different reasons. Just like painting and composing music, creative writing is an artistic skill. The artistic process encourages imagination and ideas. The creative process improves oral and written skills instilling a sense of artistic expression in young children, which can also help them express their thoughts and feelings.

There are numerous creative writing courses, programs, and workshops throughout Singapore.

  • British Council best cretive writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    British Council: Creative Writing Program In Singapore

    Providing A Strong Foundation

    The British Council provides a strong foundation for your little ones to start various creative writing programs. The courses are designed to incorporate active learning and hands-on exploration to develop your child's speaking confidence and socialization skills. Classes are in person or online, in small groups, or one-to-one lessons. Kids can experiment with the basic techniques for a happy future in writing from as early as three years. As they grow into confident communicators, students will focus on literature that will help them excel in school, achieve academic and exam success and build a global mindset and critical thinking skills.

    British Council, various locations in Singapore, contact@britishcouncil.org.sghttps://www.britishcouncil.sg

  • Champion Tutor best creative writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Champion Tutor: Creative Writing Program In Singapore

    Imaginative Stories

    Champion Tutor offers comprehensive one-to-one creative writing tutoring at home and will place the best teacher to encourage and complement your child. The comprehensive class menu will encourage imagination, ideas, and oral and written skills. Each teacher will inspire imagination, channel artistic expression and improve your child's vocabulary and comprehension skills. As your child ages, they will pay attention to writing creative stories and essays. Get ready to see where your child's imagination takes them.

    Champion Tutor, +65 6850 5040, https://www.championtutor.com/tutor-singapore/creative-tutor-singapore.html

  • Jan & Elly best creative writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Jan & Elly: Creative Writing Program In Singapore

    Putting Creativity Into Words

    Every child possesses a beautiful sense of wonder. Your child can transform simple ideas into creative stories based on sentence structure, paragraph formation, and the correct vocabulary. Jan & Elly's pre-creative writing course encourages children from six years to bring a story to life through active brainstorming sessions and other strategies that generate creative ideas that they can put into words. The tutors will give them the tools to build a framework for storytelling. Older children will explore new and more challenging activities to sharpen their writing tools and improve their descriptive powers and expository skills. They will also master the processes that successful authors use.

    Jan & Elly, various locations in Singapore, +65 9835 1539, enquiry@jan-elly.comhttps://www.jan-elly.com/

  • Writing Samurai creative writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Writing Samurai: Creative Writing Program In Singapore

    90-Minute Online Improvement

    Many of the Writing Samurai courses are online, so you don't have to leave home! The step-by-step course for primary-age learners will have your child writing impressive prose in no time. In as little as a 90-minute class, your little one will have a marked improvement in their creative writing skills. The founder, Jerry Lee, has a passion for reading, writing, online education, and entrepreneurship and has been awarded the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning. His online courses include tutorials for creative writing, narrative, reflective, expository, and argumentative essay writing. You can download the complimentary e-book 80 Awesome Phrases to Wow Your Teacher! to learn more.

    Writing Samurai,  jerrylee@writingsamurai.com, https://writingsamurai.com/

  • The Write Connection best creative writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    The Write Connection: Creative Writing Program In Singapore

    English, Science, And Maths

    The Write Connection is a multi-award-winning MOE-registered English enrichment center in Singapore. They specialize in teaching language and thinking skills to pre-school, primary, and secondary school students. Their program will equip your child with language skills, strategies, and techniques to power higher-order thinking. The courses are ideal for different ages of children, from primary to secondary ages. If your little one is a keen scientist or mathematician, there are other courses for them.

    The Write Connection, various locations in Singapore, +65 6816 0803, enquiry@thewriteconnection.com.sghttps://www.thewriteconnection.com.sg/

  • The Write Edge best creative writing programs in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    The Write Edge: Creative Writing Program In Singapore

    Methodological Teaching

    Tutors at Write Edge provide high-quality tutorials to small classes of six to eight children. Teachers have followed the latest MOE syllabus for over a decade of creative writing curriculum experience. Their top-notch curriculum and methodological teaching approach have helped over 5,000 students achieve their desired grades. Age-appropriate programs include primary English enrichment and creative writing and secondary level O-level English mastery.

    The Write Edge, various locations in Singapore, +65 8868 9711, enquiries@write-edge.com, https://www.write-edge.com/

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