An Excellent Nursery Education With Alice Smith School

A Top-Notch Preschool Choice!

Playing With Toys Alice Smith School Kuala Lumpur

An impactful Early Years education is the best investment any parent can make! At the Alice Smith School, children learn through play-based learning experiences planned around their interests, leading to discovery and hands-on exploration.

Email admissions or download the “Play With Alice Smith” ebook to find out more about their unique approach!

A child’s earliest years lay the crucial building blocks for their future development, so finding a school that has everything you care about and more can be a daunting process, particularly with so many options out there.

It’s more than just finding a school with the best grades. It’s about finding a place where your child will be nurtured socially, physically, emotionally and academically. These are all things the Alice Smith School specialise in, and take pride in delivering.

Give your child the best start to their education at Alice Smith School!

When: Wednesday, March 24, 9 – 10am

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

The school has a fun, adventurous atmosphere designed to stimulate young minds.

Who It's Perfect For:

Anyone with kids aged 3 - 5 looking for an international British education in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

What Else:​

The Alice Smith School's Early Years program is influenced by many approaches, including Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori.

Where To Find It:​

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