Jalan Surabaya

Flea Market Fun

To sample the true flavor of Indonesia, walk the long streets and alleyways of Jalan Surabaya, located in Jakarta’s luxurious Menteng neighborhood where Barack Obama went to school. This famous traditional flea market that has managed to survive amongst the various buildings and modern shopping malls that surround it, and is not to miss!

Jalan Surabaya is a bustling maze of stalls and shops that sell everything from puppets and porcelain to ancient instruments and batiks. There is a fine collection of goods made from natural materials, including baskets, stationery, decorative items and homeware. Other unique items are wayang, wooden sculptures, masks, cutlery made of silver and brass, metal souvenirs, old-fashioned accessories, antique telephones, cameras, telescopes, and a collection of phonograph records of every genre.

This has always been a place full of inspirations for dreamers, painters and writers. Don’t get lost in thought though! It’s best to bring someone who understands antiques when you visit, and be mindful of counterfeits. Happy shopping!

When you need a break from shopping, duck into Giyanti Coffee Roasting!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

This is a great place to find home decor items, unique historical items to take you back in time, and gifts of every kind!

Who It's Perfect For:

Collectors and tourists looking for historic items or vintage ornaments to decorate their home or as gifts.

What Else:​

Many vendors sell bags and suitcases too...perfect for carting back all of your great finds!

Additional Info:​

Jalan Surabaya

Located in Menteng, the most elite area of Central Jakarta. It’s near to Jalan Cikini, Bunda Hospital and Jakarta Eye Centre.

+62 21 3154094



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