Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

Getting Festive With Trees, Ornaments, And Christmas Lights

Where to buy Christmas Trees and Decorations In Jakarta

Christmas is just around the corner in the Big Durian, so deck the halls and get ready to celebrate! Bring out your tree and ornaments, display your wreath at the door, and hang the mistletoe. Whether you want to go classical Christmas theme complete with fake snow, or if you decide to go for tropical Christmas this year, we have the information on where to get the trees and decoration items you may need!

  • Christmas Trees And Ornaments At Ace Hardware Jakarta

    ACE HARDWARE: Order Online & Through WhatsApp

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    This home supplies store offers a wide variety of artificial Christmas trees, both plain and pre-decorated, in all sizes. Pick your favorites out of their themed sets of tree ornaments and garlands from classic to gold. Tree skirts, lights, and inflatable sculptures are also available for purchase. Be sure to check out their ultimate Christmas catalog. With the option of online shopping or Whatsapp shopping, it’s now easier than ever to shop at Ace Hardware.



  • Artworks Personalized Christmas Ornament And Decor Jakarta

    LASER.INC ARTWORKS: Personalized Ornaments and Decor

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    This Christmas, give a little personalized touch to your Christmas tree and mantle. Artworks offer laser-cut ornaments that you can order with your names on them, with many different shapes to choose from. You can have wooden ones or a combination of wood and acrylic. Display a mini wooden Christmas tree on your mantle, or get the oh-so-useful calendar!

  Artworks Jakarta, +6285211022553, Instagram

  • Kriya Letik Jakarta Christmas Table Runner Indonesian Decoration Buying Guide

    KRIYA LETIK JAKARTA: Christmas Designs With Indonesian Flare

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    The tree is up, the ornaments are hung, and the stockings are lined up on the mantle. Even the poinsettia is set on the table. But, Christmas is not complete the little knick knacks! Kriya Letik has launched a new design for Christmas, and it is a brilliant variety of goodies infused with Indonesian flare. Can you spot the traditional Indonesian patterns in the design?

    Kriya Letik Jakarta, Instagram

  • Opus One Concept Store Christnas Decoration Tree Buying Guide Jakarta

    OPUS ONE CONCEPT STORE: Christmas Themed Decor

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    Ho ho ho! Spread the Christmas cheer all around your home! Christmas decorations may be bright and cheery, but wouldn't it be better if they are functional too? Opus One Concept Store offers a variety of Christmas-themed items for your home: mugs, plates, cushion pillows, and more! They have an amazing selection of shaped mugs with lids, from Christmas trees to Santa and Gingerbread. Shop online via your favorite marketplace!


    Opus One Concept Store Jakarta, +628112340951, Instagram

  • Reagiva Grande Christmas Tree Decoration Buying Guide Jakarta

    REAGIVA GRANDE: Small Christmas Trees And Decorations

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    A beautiful Christmas tree does not have to be grand and tall. This year, you can save space with these smaller yet elegant Christmas trees from Reagiva Grande. The trees come in three height options, between 42 and 60 cm. Moreover, they have a selection of graceful Christmas wreaths and porcelain to complete your home this holiday season.


    Reagiva Grande Jakarta, Instagram

  • Scandinavian Christmas Tree At IKEA Jakarta

    IKEA: Shop In Store / Online

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    Christmas time is always exciting – both at home and in IKEA too. On their website and store, they have shared the new products developed for the festive period and welcomed a few of the old favorites back. Whether you need artificial trees, ornaments, or even festive serving dishes they won’t disappoint!


    IKEA, Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45, Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia, +62 21 2985 3900,

  • Red Christmas Tree Ornament From Department Stores In Jakarta

    BLIBLI: Shop Online

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    With a clean and easy-to-use app and website, Blibli offers joyous shopping experiences for their customer. This online marketplace connects buyers to vendors that passed their criteria. With a fabulous free shipping offer, Blibli is a great source to shop from. Many payment options are available to choose from so go ahead and shop away!


  • Christmas Ornaments From Supermarkets In Jakarta

    SHOPEE: Shop Online

    Do you want Christmas decorating options at reasonable prices? Head over to Shopee! This online marketplace connects you to vendors from inside or outside the country, allowing more options to choose from. Don't worry about the customs and taxes, the prices listed are usually inclusive of any extra charges unless otherwise stated. Their estimated time of arrival is also quite precise.


  • Christmas Ornaments At Scoop Jakarta

    SCOOP: Online & Found In Malls Across Jakarta

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    Found in several malls in Jakarta, these cute Japanese bits and bobs paradise offer you Sakura-delight Christmas decorations. Even though their tree variety is not large, you can find unlimited decor treasures here. Stationeries and other items also come in playful winter themes. Decorations or gifts, find all your holiday needs here. Better yet, their items are now available at Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, and Blibli.


    ScoopInstagram , Linktree

  • GRAMEDIA: Stores Across Jakarta

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    This Christmas season, the biggest bookstore chain in Indonesia has lots to offer. To welcome every year's holiday season, Gramedia prepares a special corner dedicated to all varieties of Christmas trees, decorations, gifts and wrapping, and of course, greeting cards! This one-stop-shop has everything you need to get ready for the holidays.


    Gramedia Book

  • Pasar Pagi Asemka Christmas Decoration Tree Buying Guide Jakarta

    WHOLESALER: Market In West Jakarta

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    Head to a wholesale center in Jakarta such as Pasar Asemka or Pasar Pagi. Whether you are buying one tree or five, you sure would get them at a bargain price. Of course, the more you buy, the more you can haggle the prices down, so get in contact with the family to see who needs a tree. A tip from us: Try to arrive early to avoid the heat!


    Pasar Asemka (Pasar Pagi), Jl. Pasar Pagi, Kota, West Jakarta, Indonesia, Maps

  • Supermarket Hypermarket Christmas Tree Decoration Shopping Guide Jakarta

    SUPERMARKETS: Stores Across Jakarta

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    Supermarkets are ideal for standard, small Christmas decorations. Ornaments, small snowmen, Christmas cards, and garlands. Meanwhile, the hypermarkets like LotteCarrefour, and Hypermart carry small items and larger items like Christmas trees. For extra holiday cheer, be sure to check out their candy and cookies aisle and grab their special Christmas edition treats!

  • Department Stores Christmas Tree Decoration Jakarta Buying Guide

    DEPARTMENT STORES: Stores Across Jakarta

    Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations In Jakarta

    There are various types and sizes of Christmas trees available throughout department stores in Jakarta. One of them, which offers a pretty wide variety, is Metro Department Stores. The British' Debenhams is also a recommended place for some trees and decorations shopping preferences.


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