World Of Wonders Jakarta Amusement Park With Kids

Jakarta Amusement Park

World of Wonders is exactly what it sounds like- a wonderful world for kids to use their imaginations and be fully inspired by what the world has to offer. An amazing amusement park for kids with miniature replicas of important places and historical sites from all over the world. Explore famous European and American buildings such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Statue of Liberty, San Fransisco’s Goldengate Bridge, and more!

The whole family will have a blast on the Ferris wheel, flying bikes, wave swingers, bumper cars, haunted house, 4D theatre, and magic bikes to name a few. World of Wonders has an education center as well, with a science and traffic park, where children can learn the rules of the road using pedal-powered cars to navigate the streets and operate according to traffic laws. These are just a few of the awesome aspects of World of Wonders that your family will enjoy and want to come back for over and over. Enjoy!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

From little tots to teens, this amusement park is a day to remember for all sizes. Ask about hosting your kiddos birthday party!

Who It's Perfect For:

Families looking for a day of adventure, education and full on fun!

What Else:​

Don't forget to bring your bathing suit! Next door is one of the biggest water parks with kiddie pools, water play areas, artificial waves and more.

Additional Info:​

World of Wonders

Citra Raya, Cikupa, Tangerang, Indonesia

+62 21 2900 3655

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