UPDATE:  This playroom is currently closed!

Indoor playgrounds in shopping malls are an alternative for kids to play when it’s always raining outside. Located in the biggest shopping mall at South Tangerang, Playtime offers not only fun games, but also educational opportunities. Children can simultaneously increase the creativity and imagination through 13 unique game areas that are rarely found in other similar indoor playgrounds. Not only jumping, climbing, and running, at Playtime, children can play while learning to train their fine motor skills through games like cooking-cooking, play sand, the market-the market, toy cars, tent-camp, blowing bubbles, try out various sounds of musical instruments, practicing creativity in LEGO Library and many more.

Block Zone is the largest area in Playtime since most of the kids will spend 80% of their time to play here. Another favorite area for kids is the play sand area. Kids who play in the sand area are required to wear boots that you can borrow from the staff, this is free and there is no charge so that the socks stay clean.