Best Japanese Desserts In Jakarta Including Wagashi!

Guide To Tasting It All!

Japanese Desserts in Jakarta

Jakarta is packed with foodie options galore including a wide range of sweets and treats! Japanese desserts are a favorite find for families looking to take a unique spin on traditional desserts. Little Steps has tasted and tested the city’s best Japanese desserts – here they are.

  • Macha Flavored Dessert From Pablo Jakarta


    This bakery store from Japan has been a huge hit in Jakarta. Queuing in a such long line will be paid with the fine, very soft, cheese-filled texture cake. Pablo’s matcha (green tea) and chocolate filling cheese cakes are also must try. Other than cheese, everybody will also fancy the mouth-watering soft ice cream and a range of ice blended drinks


    Pablo Gandaria City, Upper Ground Level, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Arteri Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, +62 21 2923 6218
    Pablo Neo Soho, Lower Ground Level, Jl. Letj. S. Parman, West Jakarta

  • Shirokuma

    Shirokuma is a big hit for families.  The are known for their “wagashi” traditional Japanese confectionery including flavors such as mocha, anko red bean paste and other yummy treats that are served with a cup of matcha tea. The menu is dominated with matcha desserts and beverages, but they also have the “Japadog” or Japanese style hot dogs and highly addictive shaka fries.


    Shirokuma, Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 32, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, Indonesia, www.cafeshirokuma.com.

  • Japanese Dessert At Sumoboo Jakarta


    Sumoboo is surely the cutest dessert house and a heaven for dessert-in-a-bowl-lovers. Popular menu picks include sumoboo, kakigori, sumoboo’s grass jelly, and much more.  Boo Kakigori is very popular with the kids as it looks like a cute bear made from shaved ice.  For the chocolate lovers, Sumoboo serves nutella bomb which consists of mocha containing chocolate nutella in it and shaved ice with chocolate powder, chocolate sauce and a slice of almond.


    Sumoboo, Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, Indonesia, +62 21 9662 8677.

  • Japanese Desserts From Matchafuku Jakarta


    For matcha and green tea fans, this is our top pick!   Their signature dish is Matcha cake parfait consisting of matcha soft ice cream combined with  toppings of matcha soft cake, shritama balls, red bean, cornflakes, and matcha kanten. Not only do the have fabulous desserts, Matchafuku also serves your favorite matcha based beverages.


    Matchafuku, Ruko Citra Garden City 6, J5A No. 12, 2nd floor of Meaters Cengkareng, South Jakarta, Indonesia, +62 21 99249111

  • Japanese Dessert From Aranzi Aronzo Jakarta

    Aranzi Aronzo

    Aranzi Aronzo is a Japanese cafe specializes in cute cakes.  One of their best sellers is a green tea mousse with a Kappa face on it which consists of three layers cake such as the light green tea mousse.  Kids will love the ambience at this cafe as their are characters galore and fun Japanese music playing in the background.  If you are in for cute and cartoon-like creations...this is your haven!


    Aranzi Aronzo Cafe, Central Park 1st Floor, Jl. LetJen S. Parman Kav 28, West Jakarta, Indonesia, +6221 29200489.  Note, they also offer savory dishes including salads, toasty breads, sandwiches, pancakes, and more.

  • Japanese Dessert From North Pole Café Jakarta

    North Pole Café

    You can now find the cutest gelato creations at North Pole Café! The gelato not only comes on a cone, but also in a pan. You are welcomed to have it whether with fruits, waffles, or a cotton candy. Their ice blended drinks are also lip-smacking colorful! Make sure you try the organic lemonade tea that can change color, no artificial coloring!


    North Pole Café PIK, Jl. Marina Raya, Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 57, North Jakarta, +62 21 2921 0357, click here for other locations

  • Japanese Dessert From Roppan Jakarta


    The name Roppan originates from Roppongi Hill, a district in Tokyo. The atsmosphere at Roppan is fun, cheerful, inviting and relaxing.  Roppan is committed to serving the most appetizing and freshest ingredients from the kitchen.  Honey toast is a signature dish here and includes toasted bread with honey spread all over it and a scoop of green tea ice cream with almond, sweet red bean sauce and dark chocolate as toppings.


    Roppan, Food Society Ground Floor #M06, Jl. Kasablanka Raya Kav 88, South Jakarta, +6221 29488490, www.roppan.com.

  • Japanese Dessert From Noizu Toku Toku Jakarta

    Noizu Toku Toku

    Noizu Toku Toku means create your own ice cream...and we love to do just that!  Customers can adjust the sweetness level and the variety of toppings. You should try their signature ice creams including jasuke, berrygood and kraffelicious. Everything is created in front of the customers making it a favorite for the kids.  Enjoy!


    Noizu Toku Toku, Puri Indah Mall Ground Floor, Level 67 A, West Jakarta, Indonesia, +62 878 3131 0808

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