25 Things To Do With Kids During Lockdown In Hong Kong

Your Guide To What Is Still Open During Lockdown

Things To Do During Lockdown With Kids Hong Kong

Hong Kong, throughout the pandemic, has been tough on restrictions and quick to implement lockdowns and high-grade prevention measures. The city has escaped the Delta variant, and December saw a month free of cases. Omicron has reared its ugly head, so Hong Kong has quickly and tightly locked down and banned flights in and out of the country. The Little Steps Asia team has gathered together to explore some of the activities you can do with your family while practicing safe distancing.  Here is our handy round-up of 25 activities and things to do with your babies, toddlers, kids, and teens during the lockdown in Hong Kong.

Editor’s Note:  Things are constantly changing so be sure to always check in with the place for safety rules and regulations and opening times.  Also, please note that Little Steps is not promoting gatherings – this guide is to give families inspiration for things that are open and offer safe distancing options for entertaining your kids during this tricky time.

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  • Visit A Farm Little Steps Asia

    VISIT A FARM - Go Strawberry Picking, Farm For Pineapples, And Grow Your Own Veggies In Hong Kong

    Pick Or Grow Your Own Fruits And Veggies

    Across Hong Kong and its outlying areas are seemingly endless organic farms that allow your family to plant, grow and tend your own crops, or if time lacks, their onsite farmers can take care of the land for you – all you need to do is visit regularly and collect your fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs. Each farm offers different produce, including lettuce, ginger, persimmon, tomatoes, water spinach, edible flowers, and delicious strawberries. Some of the farms even have interactive classes where you and your children can learn the basics and practice on a little farm plot. The occasional farm has offerings where your little ones can interact with farm animals in a petting zoo, learn how to ride a pony and how to care for countryside animals.

    Farm And Strawberry Picking Guides In Hong Kong

  • Silent Disco Yoga On The Waterfront Little Steps Asia

    OUTDOOR YOGA EVENT - Silent Disco Yoga On The Waterfront In Hong Kong

    Tune In To Yoga On Sunday, January 16 and Sunday, February 6, 2022

    Join Victor and, or Dennis at the waterfront of the Central and Western District Promenade Pier No.2, Sai Wan, on Sunday, January 16 + Sunday, February 6, 2022, for their unique and engaging yoga classes. Immerse yourself in their yoga practices while listening to a well-curated playlist of music. Your instructor will provide you with wireless headphones through which you'll be guided through a specially choreographed yoga flow. The combination of yoga and emotive music in this stunning location will ensure that this Silent Disco Yoga is the most memorable yoga practice you will ever do. You’ll need to bring your yoga mat, reusable water bottle, and sunscreen. The cost is HK$150 for one class, HK$250 for both.

    Silent Disco Yoga On The Waterfront, +852 2544 8398,, 

  • MX Club Little Steps Asia

    MX Club

    Thrilling Fun

    The MX Club is a super fun and thrilling day out or hobby for your family. If you are a parent to an adrenaline-junkie child, then the MX Club is the place to go. As long as your little person is above six, they can participate in various exciting adventures, including mountain biking, motocross, ATV classes, quad biking, and war games. Note, they are limiting numbers so booking is essential.

    Hong Kong Motorcross Racing Club (MX Club), Cheung Lek Village, Tong Kung Leng, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong, +852 2668 0948, +852 9711 8003,,

  • Visit The Famous Tai Long Wan Little Steps Asia

    HIT THE BEACH - Visit The Famous Tai Long Wan In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong's Best Beach + Outdoor Restaurant

    Tai Long Wan is, without a doubt, Hong Kong’s most beautiful beach located on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. Tai Long Wan boasts a long stretch of white sandy beaches, clear, cerulean water, and views of the city's mountains. It’s a long walk to Tai Long Wan than it is to Wan and Ham Tin, therefore attracting fewer people. It's an excellent beach for surfing, but be aware of the rip-current hazards, particularly in the winter months.  If you want a beachy weekend, you can hire camping equipment for Ham Tin Wan beach, just a 10-minute walk from Tai Long Wan. For families who enjoy hiking, you can traverse the rugged and very challenging beach path to the famous Sharp’s Peak. If you have time, discover the hidden waterfalls that lead into the Sheung Luk Stream. There is so much to do here; its spectacular offerings will keep you coming back time and time again.

    Guide To Tai Long Wan, Click here

  • Amazing Beaches For Families Little Steps Asia

    BEST BEACHES IN HONG KONG - More Amazing And Secret Beaches For Families

    Where The Best Beaches For Families Sit In Hong Kong?

    As a Hong Konger, you luckily live on the Kowloon peninsula with 261 islands. As you'd imagine, there are plenty of gorgeously secret beaches just waiting to be discovered. The best bit, once you've grabbed your swimmers, sunscreen, and sunnies, you are never more than a train ride away from a variety of shorelines. If you wish to beat the heat and explore some hidden shores, now is the time to do it. If you like wild beaches, then you must head to Shek O, a bay renowned for its big, crashing waves, impressive swells, and skilled surfers. You can rent everything from beach toys and barbeques to umbrellas and surfboards. The more peaceful Long Ke Wan is a freshwater lagoon ideal for families with young kids. The Hoi Ha Wan Marine Reserve is a must for colorful corals, marine animals, fishes, sea creatures, and mangroves.

    Best Beach Guides For Families By Little Steps:

    More Favorite Beaches (And VIDEOS) For Families In Hong Kong?

  • Go Surfing In Big Wave Bay Little Steps Asia

    SURFING WITH KIDS - Go Surfing In Big Wave Bay

    Surfing Vibe In Shek O, Hong Kong

    Get your kids out onto the water and learn how to surf. Big Wave Bay in Shek O is a must for your cool kids who want something active to do while hanging out with Hong Kong's ocean-loving hipsters. From the Big Wave Bay car park, head towards the beach, and you'll find a plethora of cool stores selling and renting surfing equipment, beach gear, wetsuits, and lots more. If you want lessons, there are some great teachers on these shores. The Dragon’s Back hiking trail ends at Big Wave Bay Beach.

    Surfing In Big Wave Bay, Click here

  • Try Geocaching In Hong Kong

    GEOCACHING: Try Geocaching With Kids In Hong Kong

    A Unique App + Treasure Hunt Adventure For Individuals And Families

    If you haven’t tried Geocaching, then you must! Geocaching is the largest treasure hunt app globally, with over three million active geocaches in over 191 countries on all seven continents. More than 642 million ‘Found it’ and ‘Event Attended’ logs have been recorded since the game started in 2000. There are over 1,000 live geocaches in Hong Kong alone. The geocache ‘treasures’ are containers of varying sizes and are generally well hidden and camouflaged to blend into their surroundings. If your family enjoys adventures and exploring, this modern GPS-centric treasure hunt will take you to places you didn’t know existed. You’ll find the geocaches are rated by difficulty based on the physical cache and terrain – one being easy and five the most challenging. Each cache will have a logbook for you to sign, and depending on the cache, there might be little treasures that you can exchange. You might also find a trackable with a unique tracking number that is moved from geocache to geocache towards a goal – you’ll often see them traversing the world.


  • Go For A Picnic Little Steps Asia

    PICNIC IN HONG KONG - Go For A Picnic

    Secret Family Lunches Around Hong Kong

    Whether you throw sandwiches in your backpack and head off on a hike to a secret beach or pack a hamper full of delicious treats, bubbles, and lavish desserts to discover the art park or a historic monument, there are endless places to go for a picnic in Hong Kong. Don't forget that you can also order takeout which makes it an easy option for families.

    Picnics In Hong Kong With Kids:

  • Visit A Temple Little Steps Asia

    TEMPLES - Visit A Temple In Hong Kong

    600 Temples and Shrines To Visit With Kids In Hong Kong

    South-East Asia is bursting with temples, and Hong Kong is no different. It’s thought that there are over 600 temples, shrines, and monasteries across the island. Most of the temples are still active today, and each is unique. Whether you want to immerse yourself into local spiritual traditions, discover your inner piece or familiarize yourself with the peculiarities expected in such vibrant religions and cultures. Don your walking shoes and scale 268 steps to the Tian Tan, the largest Buddha on the island that proudly guards the Baolian Temple and its fascinating array of relics and ornaments, including The Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Interestingly, the Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon is home to Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism and is famed for worshipping for good fortune through offerings and fortune-telling, so ask for one of the famous fortune sticks! The kids will love learning about these ancient mythical rituals.

    Best Temples To Visit With Kids:

  • Mountain Biking In Lantau

    GO MOUNTAIN BIKING - Mountain Biking In Lantau

    Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures

    Mountain biking in Hong Kong is relatively new; the last decade has seen a rise in popularity in the adrenaline-pumping sport, and there was a local win by a Hong Kong resident in the Asian Games in 2010. Mountain Bike HK proves to be an exciting experience for all ages and abilities. The instructors challenge entry-level riders with new drills to enhance their ability and improve confidence and bike handling skills. Although there are many routes of varying lengths, cycle one of the most scenic paths that traverse the beaches and waterfalls close to Mui Wo, a rural town on the east coast of Lantau Island. Mui Wo is located on Silvermine Bay, named after the mines once worked along Silver River, which flows through the pretty village.

    Mountain Biking In Lantau, Click here

  • Cycle Tseung Kwan O Bike Path And Dine Alfresco Little Steps Asia

    TSEUNG KWAN O BIKE ADVENTURE - Cycle Tseung Kwan O Bike Path And Dine Alfresco

    Cycling Fun In Tseung Kwan O With Kids

    The Tseung Kwan O Bike Path provides an exciting maze of routes for cycling-happy families. The well-made path is ideal for families who don’t fancy mountain biking challenges through rough terrain.  If you don't have your own bikes, then you can rent them from the rental shop at the Tseung Kwan O (near the Velodrome Parking Lot).  As you might have heard, Tseung Kwan O is exploding with wonderful restaurants.  Order take-out pizza (Pizza Pig) and safely social distance by the water or visit one of the new and trendy restaurants including Pici Tseung Kwan O, Ooolaa, and FRITES.  Want more bike trails in Hong Kong - click here

    Biking Tseung Kwan O In Hong KongClick here

    Restaurants On The Bike Path:

  • Take A Sampan Or Speedboat To One Of Hong Kong's Islands Little Steps Asia

    TAKE A BOAT ADVENTURE - Take A Sampan Or Speedboat To One Of Hong Kong's Islands

    Sampan Sailing In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has over 250 islands, many of which are uninhabited. Most of the southern islands are accessible from the Central Ferry Piers. The locals greet each other fondly by name and uphold bygone traditions. Jump on an old-style sampan or a speedboat and head out to the islands to discover deserted beaches, glorious peaceful landscapes, and tiny fishing villages. Discover the historical Hakka village with an abandoned school and chapel on Sharp Island or play with the kids in rock pools on Po Toi Island before a hearty lunch of fresh calamari in Ming Kee Restaurant. Have a look at the Little Steps Guide for some more social distancing days out.

    Sampan Adventures In Hong Kong, Click here

  • Enjoy Afternoon Tea With The Kids Little Steps Asia

    AFTERNOON TEA IN HONG KONG - Enjoy Afternoon Tea With The Kids

    Dainty Cakes And Tea In Hong Kong

    Afternoon tea is quintessentially British and was unwittingly introduced by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in 1840. She’d regularly feel peckish mid-afternoon so would have a tray of tea, bread and butter, and cake sent to her room. In time, she invited her friends and afternoon tea became a widespread habit. Hong Kong has some of the best afternoon tea offerings from traditional establishments like The Langham, The Four Seasons, and The Peninsula that serve you dainty sandwiches, elegant cakes and scones, homemade jam, and clotted cream. If you prefer a more modern pairing, then pop in to Lock Cha Tea House for some flower blossom tea, delicate desserts, and vegetarian dim sum.

    Afternoon Tea In Hong Kong, Click here

  • Pirate And Jungle Cruises By Aqua Luna Little Steps Asia

    CRUISES IN HONG KONG - Pirate And Jungle Cruises By Aqua Luna For Families

    Arrr, Arrgh, Yarr, Gar

    Kids love dressing up. There are plenty of activities to keep them entertained, from learning a pirate lingo to tying knots, searching for precious gold on the treasure hunts. Take them on board a pirate cruise and explore the high China Seas on Aqua Luna, Hong Kong's red-sailed junk boat. The adventures start at Central Pier before traversing the harbor and waters to Lei Yue Mun, a centuries-old haven for swashbuckling pirates, seafarers, and fishermen. Note, please check to make sure the cruises are on when you book as things are changing daily.

    Pirate And Jungle Cruises by Aqua Luna, Click here

  • Party at Kadoorie Farm, HK


    Feed Animals And Explore The Farm With The Kids

    This is a favorite outdoor destination for families with toddlers and young kids.  At present, the farm is open but to a limited number (1000 per day) and many of the exhibitions are closed as well as the talks.  The farm is popular with kids 2+ and offers a variety of animals that will keep them clapping for hours. Pigs, exotic birds, reptiles, monkeys, flamingos…oh my! The trails are mostly stroller friendly and the staff is very accommodating.  We suggest packing your own picnic and making the most of the day!  Click here for the Little Steps Guide to Kadoorie Farm.

    Kadoorie Farm With Kids, Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2483 7200,,

  • Visit A Family-Friendly Art Gallery

    GO GALLERY HOPPING WITH KIDS - Visit A Family-Friendly Art Gallery

    City Art Spots Around Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is peppered with an exciting array of galleries with ever-changing exhibitions. There is so much more to the city that is renowned for its cloud-piercing skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and hotels. The art scene is booming with boutique offerings that showcase up-and-coming artists or international galleries that provide a home for world-recognized art. This is Little Steps Asia’s Guide to some family-friendly galleries for you to explore.

  • Take A Journey Around Hong Kong For Street Art Fun Little Steps Asia

    EXPLORE STREET ART IN HONG KONG - Take A Journey Around Hong Kong For Street Art Fun

    Street Art Hunter

    Hong Kong is earning itself an enviable reputation for its impressive array of street art. Whether you want to explore the Little Steps Asia list of exciting artists that have adorned the city's walls, or you'd prefer a guided tour with a passionate street art hunter, your kids will love tracking down art across Hong Kong. You might want to find one of the 4000 space invaders that have mysteriously penetrated over 80 cities or wandered through the graffitied streets of Kowloon. If you and your little ones want a more in-depth tour, then head out on an exploration with Alex, the founder of Wanderlust Walks Hong Kong Street Art Tours; she’ll guide you through the colorful, off the beaten track artsy side of Hong Kong. Make sure that you have your camera ready for some enviable Instagram shots.

    Wanderlust Walks Hong Kong Street Art Tours, Click here

    Guide To Best Street Art In Hong Kong, Click here

  • Visit The Famous Kowloon Walled City Little Steps Asia

    HISTORY OUTING - Visit The Famous Kowloon Walled City

    Lawless Labyrinth Of Fun + Biking + Thai Food Day!

    Kowloon Walled City is somewhat an ancient icon of Hong Kong. Although demolished two decades ago, the city was the most densely populated place on earth. It was described as a hive of interlinking high-rise buildings with over one million inhabitants per square kilometer in 1987. The walled fort was constructed as cost-effective tenements built by the Qing government in 1898 before becoming infamous for its lack of rules and administration. In 1994, the Hong Kong government demolished the buildings to make room for the picturesque Kowloon Walled City Park. The labyrinth lives on in movies, books, and even a theme park. It's a fascinating outing as you learn more about its impressive yet lawless city. There is also excellent Thai restaurants in the area as well as a wonderful bike path for toddlers.

    Kowloon Walled City, Click here

  • Visit Brides Pool And Mirror Pool

    WATERFALL ESCAPES - Visit Brides Pool And Mirror Pool In Hong Kong

    A Walk In the Park + Thai Food In Tai Mei Tuk

    Plover Cover Country Park is a popular hiking destination. The relatively short walk through the country park is perfect for children and families. Plan a full day and take bathing costumes so that you can swim in the crystal clear waters, have a picnic or a BBQ, or continue the walk to Tai Mei Tuk and the Plover Cover Reservoir for a spot of bird watching. Bride’s Pool and Mirror Pools are two Instagram-friendly waterfalls that fall into deliciously cooling pools. The walk isn’t suitable for strollers, so plan to strap your little ones to your back. After your outing, head to nearby Thai Mei Tuk for Thai Food before heading home.

    Bride's Pool And Mirror Pool, Click here

  • Hong Kong Quests Little Steps Asia


    Solving Mysteries Around Hong Kong

    Taking part in a Hong Kong quest is lots of fun for you and your family. Once you’ve purchased one of the quests, 'Creeped out Hong Kong Quests in Wanchan’ or ‘Bank Heist in Central’ (HK$350 each), you'll follow a set of directions and solve a variety of clues to complete your quest. You'll discover little-known secrets and the colorful history of the local neighborhood. Storytelling is at the heart of each quest and might include details about a time traveler or a haunting. Throughout your quest, you'll uncover interesting, thrilling, curious, or creepy facts that weave their way through the backstory. You’ll find clues, secret rooftops, wartime tunnels, and haunted buildings. Once you’ve solved the mystery, you can unlock a secret page on KH Greeters webpage and download your completion certificate and access cool bonus content. All you need is a smartphone and a sleuthing mind.

    Hong Kong Quests, +852 9015 5307,  +852 8191 2051,,

  • Book A Private Food Tour Little Steps Asia

    FOOD TOURS IN HONG KONG - Book A Private Food Tour

    Nom Nom Around HK

    Founder of Humid Fishballs, Virginia Chan, brought Netflix chef Dennis Prescott to Sham Shui Po to discover classic Hong Kong eats. She’s impressively passionate about food and offers various tours around Hong Kong and its deliciously local food offerings. Chan has some tried and tested walking tours of the city, and she’ll guide you through some of her favorite mom-and-pop shops so that you can try numerous dishes. She has imitable knowledge of the variety, culture, and good value food on her Hong Kong or Lantau tours. Get ready to watch a master make wonton noodles with a bamboo rod from scratch! Be sure to check with her on what is available during this period and what is safe.

    Humid Fishballs, +852 3916 7664,, 

  • Visit Po Toi Island Little Steps Asia

    ISLAND VISIT - Visit Po Toi Island On Southside Of Hong Kong

    Great Food + Beach + Fun

    Bronze Age Po Toi Island is home to ancient rock carvings of significant importance that have been declared monuments of Hong Kong. The Tin Hau temple that faces the bay of Tai Wan is worth exploring if you are hiking and appreciate spectacular views. Po Toi is the southernmost island; it’s fondly nicknamed the “South Pole of Hong Kong“ because of its location. Inhabitants of the island have typically made a living from fishing and harvesting seaweed. It’s worth taking a trip to the island just for the freshest seafood. Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant serves up the best calamari in Hong Kong, so it’s worth getting there early to enjoy a leisurely lunch feasting on their delicious dishes, all served on the ancient outdoor wooden deck. Top tip – order extra garlic dipping sauces; it’s moreish! The island is family and dog-friendly. Folkloric tales talk of a merchant named Mo who sold bean curd sheets. He built an impressive mansion that has now fallen into ruins and is thought to have been occupied by the Japanese during WWII or ransacked by greedy pirates. Po Toi can be reached by boat of ferry from Stanley and is a real favorite.  The restaurant there is amazing for seafood and fun!

    Po Toi Island, Click here

  • Explore Hong Kong's Outlying Islands Little Steps Asia

    ISLAND HOPPING - Explore Hong Kong's Outlying Islands

    Island Adventures For Kids

    With over 250 islands, it’s time to get off Hong Kong Island and head beyond skyscrapers and the urban sprawl. The outlying islands are laid-back and retain much of their ancient charm and traditions. The locals know each other by name, the beaches are deserted, and you can see water buffalo roaming the hills. Beaches such as Pui O on Lantau Island are perfect for families who enjoy getting wet with various watersports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and kitesurfing. Other islands are more suited to arts and crafts, adventuring, chilled picnic days on the beach, or dining in fancy seafood restaurants. Many of the southern islands are accessible from Central Ferry Piers or even a traditional sampan.

    Best Islands To Visit In Hong Kong With Kids, Click here

  • Go Art Jamming Outside With Chillax Place Little Steps Asia

    OUTSIDE ART JAMMING - Go Art Jamming Outside With Chillax Place

    Enjoyable Art With Kids

    Art jamming is a creative way to release any stresses and worries. The ‘entertainment’ is a recognized form of art therapy and encourages you and your family to meet new friends, relax and have fun. You don’t need any experience, just a willingness to follow your instincts and heart. Chillax Place has no limits, no judgment, and no inhibitions. Each month, the inspiring art group has various art-related activities, workshops, and events, all set to relaxed, soulful music and serving healthy, soothing drinks. They have different classes, including acrylic, sketching, batik, and even tributes to renowned artists. Follow their Facebook page for updates and what can be booked privately during this period.

    Chillax Place For Art Jamming, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,

  • Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls


    Stroller-Friendly, Little Legs And Young Hikers

    If you want to spend an entire day gently exploring and picnicking, exploring cooling waterfalls, or chatting to local monkeys, the links below will help you discover Hong Kong and its surrounding areas. These various Little Steps Asia guides give you an insight into the numerous hikes that explore the city limits, pretty trails, beaches, mountain hikes, or gorgeously scenic walks that weave through deserted Hakka Chinese houses and tree-packed forests. Across the island are some glorious hikes for families with children of different ages and abilities. Whatever you are looking for, there is something for everyone, keeps you active and away from throngs of people.

    Hiking Guides For Families In Hong Kong:

    Stroller Friendly Walks In Hong Kong:

    Individual Family Friendly Hikes In Hong Kong:

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