– Blank tote bags (in any size you like)

– Paint (acrylic or fabric paint will work)

– Paper plate (for squirting the paint on)

– Stencil brushes

– Old cereal box to cut out stencils to decorate your tote bag

– Old newspapers


1. Lay down old newspaper or paper towels to protect furniture and the bags from touching each other

2. Create your own stencil with an old cereal box, punch out stars, numbers, letters, hearts (anything you like).

3. Pick your paint and squirt onto the plate.

4. Place your stencil on your bag and dip your brush in the paint. Dab it over the stencil until the entire area is filled in. Gently remove your stencil.

5. Get creative and add as much as you like!

6. Once finished, let the design air dry overnight or 24 hours to make sure that it is completely dry.