The Spike Lab At Stamford American School

Entrepreneurial Bootcamp For 20 Lucky Teenagers


Stamford American School HK is partnering up with “The Spike Lab” to give 20 brilliant teenagers a fantastic headstart in life through a 1-week entrepreneurship startup bootcamp. Your teenager will be taught to get into the headspace of an entrepreneur for one intensive week, culminating in the development of a design which will be pitched to professionals. The camp has limited space, with only 20 students between the ages of 13-17 being accepted.

The bootcamp will be led by the co-founder and director of “The Spike Lab” and is divided into 5 days:

Day 1: the teens will be divided into small groups in which they can brainstorm and develop an innovative idea using the Stanford Design Thinking Framework as a guide.

Day 2: the groups will use the same framework as leading Silicon Valley start-ups to evolve their concepts and evaluate their impact.

Day 3: students will be prototyping and testing their idea.

Day 4: students will be creating the minimal viable product (MVP) and receive training on how to pitch their idea.

Day 5: Final day where students get a chance to pitch their idea before an audience of peers and guests. They will receive feedback from real start-up founders and investors.

To apply, fill in the short questionnaire on the sign-up site. Don’t forget to sign up for the telephone interview, then wait for the application results to be released on June 20, 2018. Two days later, if accepted, a fee of $800hk is required to fully enroll for your teen to be on their way to becoming a young entrepreneur.

Click here to enroll, the deadline is on June 17, 2018. There are only 20 spots for the taking!


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

The school and its partnership are renown for their academic accomplishments, so it's safe to assume that this bootcamp will truly push your up and coming teen entrepreneur in the right direction. 

Who It's Perfect For:

This bootcamp is absolutely perfect for the eager beaver teen in your family, the one who always thinks of the next best thing.

What Else:​

Stamford is no stranger to fostering innovation; see their amazing boat project, completed this year with Global Mentor Cesar Jung-Harada as part of their STEMinn curriculum.

Additional Info:​

Stamford American School Hong Kong

 25 Man Fuk Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

+852 2500 8688


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