11 Ways To Help Families, Mothers, And Kids In Ukraine If You Live In Hong Kong

Helping Families Flee Ukraine

How To Help Ukraine From Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

A month in and Putin’s attacks on Ukraine are still relentless. Shells are scarring Ukraine’s beautiful landscapes forever. Every day, people are fleeing their homes to the safety of the surrounding countries. It’s thought that 10 million people have already been displaced, 3.5 million have made it across borders into Poland, and another 6.5 million remain in the war-torn country. As the Russian army continues to push into Ukrainian territory, its people face immense danger; families and children are terrified. The world has rallied around to help, and local and international charities have stepped up quickly to offer aid.

Since February 24, 2022, our news feeds have been filled with images of untold horror, sadness, brutal missile attacks, the harrowing loss of innocent lives of children, adults, and animals. The Ukrainian people need our financial support and humanitarian aid to get through this crisis. With their worldly possessions in one bag, the Ukrainians battle the cold and flee into an unknown future. Little Steps Asia has put together a list of important organizations that desperately need your help.

Children fleeing war in Ukraine are at heightened risk of human trafficking and exploitation. The basic civilian infrastructure like water and sanitation facilities is severely limited or non-existent, leaving millions without access to safe water, electricity, internet, and food.

There are all sorts of local fundraisers taking place across Hong Kong; the community is truly coming together to support those fleeing Ukraine and facing unimaginable trauma. Check out a few below…and email us at if there are more you want us to share!

Local Fundraisers – Hong Kong:

  • Go Fund Me help Ukraine Little Steps Asia

    DONATE TO VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES: Gofundme’s Ukraine Humanitarian Fund

    Distributing Funds

    Gofundme is committed to raising US$2.5 Million to support communities across Ukraine impacted by Russia's invasion. All donations raised will be distributed to verified non-profit organizations helping vulnerable communities obtain access to shelter, food, medical services, education, and psychosocial support. Organizations include World Food Kitchen, International Blue Cross, International Medical Corps, and Save The Children. They’ve already received over 20,000 donations meaning that key organizations are already on the ground in the Ukraine and Poland helping those in need.

    Gofundme’s Ukraine Humanitarian Fund,

  • British Red Cross help Ukraine Little Steps Asia


    Life-Saving Donations

    Red Cross teams work around the clock to get critical care to those who need it most in Ukraine and its bordering countries. The freezing temperatures and ongoing violence mean that many people urgently need help right now. The British Red Cross is already assisting civilians in evacuating from the towns and cities under attack. Your donations will support life-saving work and provide rapid response units to assist mothers and children on the congested Polish border by providing warm clothes, shelter, water, food, hygiene items, first aid, and medicine.

    The Ukrainian Red Cross website is currently suspended because of cyberattacks.

  • Airbnb help Ukraine Little Steps Asia


    Donation Match

    Millions of Ukrainians are displaced and currently seeking shelter. Your donations to Airbnb will help cover the costs of temporary accommodation. Airbnb ensures that 100 percent of your donations support those in crisis and will waive all service fees. Every dollar donated will help a refugee family or a relief worker find somewhere warm and safe to stay. Airbnb has a team of non-profit and tech experts working around the clock to increase your impact. launched a US$25 million fund to support refugees and asylum seekers. Donations to will be matched by Airbnb’s founders and their families up to US$10 million total until the end of March 2022.


  • Voices of Children help Ukraine Little Steps Asia

    SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN: Voices of Children

    Evacuating Children

    The Voices of Children Foundation has been helping children affected by the war since 2015. They provide psychological and psychosocial support to children and help them overcome the traumatic consequences of armed conflict. The foundation is currently providing round-the-clock assistance to affected children and their families across the country, providing emergency psychological assistance and assisting in the evacuation process.

    Voices of Children,

  • Unicef help Ukraine Little Steps Asia


    Saving Children

    The war poses an immediate and growing threat to 7.5 million children. As the fighting intensifies, children continue to be killed, wounded and traumatized by the ceaseless violence around them. The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has put out an urgent appeal to help the 7.5 million children who are in danger in Ukraine. Your donations will help provide first aid kits, medicine and hygiene kits, water and sanitation, and life-saving supplies.


  • Sunflower of Peace help Ukraine Little Steps Asia


    Medical Backpacks

    Sunflower of Peace has been successfully fundraising for people affected by violence, orphans, and internally displaced people in Ukraine since 2015. The current crisis has led them to start a new fundraiser to provide support, medical and humanitarian aid to the paramedics, doctors, and nurses in crisis areas across the country. They provide and distribute first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival that save hundreds of lives.

    Sunflower of Peace,

  • International Rescue Committee help Ukraine Little Steps Asia

    CRITICAL AIDE ON THE BORDER: International Rescue Committee

    Refugee Healthcare

    The International Rescue Committee is known for helping people affected by humanitarian crises worldwide. They are providing the necessary healthcare and support to the 3.5 million refugees that have been forced to flee Ukraine to Poland. They will help the Ukrainian people to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. Your donations will allow IRC to expedite critical aid to those people affected along the borders and into Poland.

    International Rescue Committee,

  • United Help Ukraine Little Steps Asia

    ASSISTING FAMILIES: United Help Ukraine

    Frontline Medical Supplies

    The United Help Ukraine 501(c)(3) founded the charity in 2014 in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. They are dedicated to providing first aid kits, protective, medical, and survival equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Forces, and hospitals. With the war on Ukraine, the foundation is distributing donations, providing food and medical supplies to the frontlines, and assisting families of wounded or killed soldiers.

    United Help Ukraine,

  • Project Hope Ukraine help Little Steps Asia

    URGENT SUPPLIES: Project Hope

    Sending Supplies

    The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is worsening day by day. The violence and intentional destruction of hospitals mean that people cannot flee due to a lack of medical supplies, medicine, and food. Emergency teams from Project Hope are sending medical supplies and carrying out health screenings for Ukrainian refugees in bordering countries like Poland. Your donation will assist in providing urgently-needed medicine, supplies, and aid to families at risk from violent conflict.

    Project Hope,

  • Soi Dog Foundation help Ukraine Little Steps Asia

    ANIMALS NEEDING HELP: Soi Dog Foundation

    Saving Pets

    The much-loved Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand has committed to providing US$250,000 to Poland's oldest and largest animal welfare organization, TOZ - Towarzystwo Opieki Nad Zwierzetami (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). TOZ runs 11 shelters across Poland. Your donations will go directly towards helping the animals of Ukraine. It will enable TOZ to provide immediate help for the many animals who arrive in desperate need of medical care and shelter. It will also mean they can complete building an emergency clinic right on the border with Ukraine.

    Soi Dog Foundation,

  • The Ukrainian Society Of Hong Kong help Ukraine Little Steps Asia

    PLATFORM TO LEARN: The Ukrainian Society Of Hong Kong

    Ukrainians In Hong Kong

    The Ukrainian Society of Hong Kong is a social media platform sharing how people can help the people of Ukraine. Many of the Ukrainians within the group live in Hong Kong and are away from their families. James Suter, a professional photographer, shares the stories of Ukrainians and their thoughts on the war in Ukraine. He says, "One of the biggest things we can do from afar is to use our platforms to amplify the voices of Ukrainians, to share their stories and experiences. We can't shy away from what is happening. We have to speak out and stand in solidarity with Ukraine”.

    The Ukrainian Society of Hong Kong,

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