Experience Bali’s Mount Batur’s Stunning Sunrise Trek

Catch The Breathtaking View From The Peak Of Bali’s Active Volcano!

Just a 5-hour flight from Hong Kong is the opportunity to embark on Bali’s most popular trekking experience on Mount Batur, 1717 meters above sea level! The hike to the summit of this volcano ventures through jungle and dirt paths to catch the sun rising above the clouds and is a perfect addition to a 3-7 day trip to Bali.

Seasons optimal for this hike depend on whether you can withstand the crowds or rain. The most popular times to visit are from June to September, though if you don’t mind the chance of rain, October to November and April to May are less busy.

What to expect?

  • An early morning start, with hotel pick-up just past midnight
  • A fairly easy climb, though some areas may have tricky terrain with steep slopes or loose rock and sand lava
  • Breakfast at the summit, usually including a tea or coffee, a banana sandwich, and egg cooked by volcanic steam
  • A 2-hour trek to the summit and 1.5-2 hours to descend

There is a sunset trek option for a more family-friendly alternative if waking up at midnight is an issue. If the hike is a concern, there is also a jeep tour instead.

Trek packages often offer a soak in the nearby hot springs upon descent, followed by a tour of a coffee plantation featuring the world’s most expensive coffee made by Luwaks. If you are looking for tour guides and packages, check out KlookTrip Advisor, or Get Your Guide.

Don’t miss out on the mesmerizing morning views of the Balinese mountaintops!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

An experience that is definitely worth the early rise and moderate hike!

Who It's Perfect For:

Beginner friendly. The sunset hike or jeep trip options may be better options for younger children.

What Else:​

Dress warmly or bring a jacket as it gets chilly at the summit. Guides provide flashlights for the trek and breakfast at the summit.

Where To Find It:​

Want More?

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