This is not your average café, kids.  Deus Ex Machina, aka 'The Temple of Enthusiasm', has a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a lot of rock ‘n roll. Located on a quiet road among the rice paddies in Canggu, Deus is an afternoon outing in and of itself.
The scoop:
*  Awesome alfresco café serving up a range of delish food from the chef’s specialty Thai to sandwiches and wraps and a unique kids menu.  Go hungry!
*  Scoop up super cool and funky Deus t-shirts for kids and adults plus surfboards and motorbikes custom made on site.
*  Stroll thru the courtyard and browse the mini art gallery.  You may spot the artist-in residence walking out of their bungalow!
*  Watch the masters make surf boards – from sculpting to painting the boards! 

*  Sneak a peak at the mechanics in action building and fixing motorbikes.  Vroom, vroom!

Check the website for special events, including art gallery openings, live music performances, Taco Tuesdays (yum!), and more!