Looking for an activity to take family fun & fitness to another level? Best you bring the fam bam to the Bali Climbing and Bouldering Gym! Bouldering is a sport reaching new heights in popularity with indoor climbing centres popping up all over! 

It’s basically rock climbing without the ropes right? Don't stress Dad! All you need is a desire to climb, some special shoes (a pair of which they will happily provide) along with a few tips for climbing! All ages are welcome however kiddos do require parental consent and signature before they can climb. 

The centre features a range of climbing walls and challenging routes for all ages and agility levels from beginners to old hands. The centre is open for climbing every day from 7am until 9pm  Guests can climb at any time other than during scheduled class times. Climbing tuition classes for kids run from 4-5pm, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays with sessions for adults on the same days from 5-6pm.