Ultimate Phuket Guide For Families

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Ultimate Phuket Guide For Families - Best Beaches For Kids In Phuket

Little Steps has officially launched our first destination travel guide – and it rocks! From top picks for family friendly hotels and villas to the best attractions and tours for kids in Phuket, top restaurants, and where to shop with kids in tow, this ultimate guide to Phuket for families has you sorted. Enjoy over 100 recommendations on things to do with kids in Phuket. Happy travels.

  • STAY: Top Family-Friendly Hotels & Resorts In Phuket

    Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly Phuket resort with a kid’s club and all the extras or a private villa for groups of friends or multi-generational families, there is something for everyone in Phuket.  Little Steps has put together our top 15 favorite hotels for a fun, family trip away.  Whether you are seeking boutique hotels or hotels complete with kids clubs - this guide will have you sorted.


    Top Family-Friendly Hotels & Resorts,

  • STAY: Top Family-Friendly Villas In Phuket

    Staying in a villa is a good idea if there are a few families who want to travel together. Many have large pools, chefs, drivers and housekeepers - all the holiday essentials. Choose from beach fronts or hillside, either one will be relaxing and fun with kids in tow. Enjoy our top picks of both luxury and affordable villas for families and kids in Phuket!


    Top Family-Friendly Villas In Phuket,


  • PLAY: Top 10 Things To Do In South Phuket

    Phuket is one family-friendly destination whatever the weather. Rain or shine, there is plenty to do to keep the kids entertained. Whether it’s learning to surf, riding the waves at a wake park, going on a zorbing adventure or chilling out in a local mall, there are plenty of options to keep the kids busy as you relax on holiday. Here are our top favorite activities for kids in south Phuket.


    South Phuket Adventures,

  • PLAY: Top 10 Things To Do In North Phuket

    Most people head to south Phuket for their family holiday, but there is plenty to do in north Phuket to keep the kids entertained. Rain or shine (we hope for shine), there’s plenty of fun adventures they can do on their own or with you. From water parks to ATV tours and art classes, here’s our favorite activities for kids in north Phuket.


    North Phuket Adventures,

  • Ultimate Phuket Guide For Families - Best Beaches For Kids In Phuket

    PLAY: Best Beaches For Kids In Phuket

    Sand, sun, and fun...let's go!  Phuket has many stunning beaches to choose from - go and explore!  We’ve tried and tested some of these amazing beaches just for you, and here are our top 10 beaches in Phuket that are popular for kids and beyond.


    Best Beaches For Kids In Phuket,

  • EAT: Family-Friendly Restaurants In Phuket

    Phuket has hundreds of kid friendly restaurants to choose from, be it high-end, casual cafes, side street finds, and more. If your kids need pizza, a burger, some spring rolls, satay or just a good ice cream sundae, we’ve munched our way around the best spots in Phuket to give you our favorite finds. Happy eating!


    Family-Friendly Restaurants In Phuket,

  • Ultimate Phuket Guide For Families - SHOP - Best Shopping In Phuket - Baby Basics - Toys

    SHOP: Best Shopping In Phuket + Baby Basics + Toys

    From markets to shopping malls and beyond, Phuket has turned into quite a shopping mecca. There are some great shopping centers that stock well-known brands, as well as one-off designers. Here are some of our favorites, should you need to entertain the kids on a rainy afternoon, or if they’ve forgotten their favorite toy.  Want more, we have also included the family-friendly markets for tourist finds for kids.


    Top Shops In Phuket,

  • PLAY: Best Family-Friendly Sunset Spots In Phuket

    Looking for a kid-friendly bar to enjoy your sundowners in Phuket?  Check out some of our favorite places. Whether it's a beach bar, a mountain retreat or somewhere to enjoy a relaxing dinner, there are many cool places where the fam can watch the sun set across the Andaman sea. Grab a drink, bring a game, and watch the world go by!


    Best Sunset Spots With Kids,

  • TIPS + MORE: Phuket 101 For Families

    Phuket is extremely family friendly. There are lots of shops, shopping malls and services, to help you and your family have a great vacation. As with all travel in Asia, there are some do’s and do not's, and must pack items. Fortunately, hotels can offer beds and strollers either for a small fee or complimentary. Here’s our go to guide for everything you need to know about traveling to Phuket with kids in tow.


    Phuket 101,

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