Best Asia Ski Resorts For Late Ski Season

Spring Skiing Through May 2020!

Eager to squeeze the winter season until its very last snowflake? Then join Little Steps on this round-up of the best, late-season ski resorts in Asia! From Japan to China and Korea, keen skiers can keep gliding downhill until late March, April, or even May! Plan and book a late winter escape with the snow-gang, and take advantage of late-season deals! Get ready for cruisin’ the slopes with the little ones!

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  • Japan: Furano Ski Resort - Open Until May 6

    With an average snowfall of 9 m per year, Furano -in central Hokkaido- gets the benefit of long seasons that continue thrilling skiers way past the peak of winter! Families planning a spring trip to Japan still eager to shred the slopes should set a few days aside, and gear up for a powdery adventure up north. The resort caters to English speakers and also has child daycare facilities. Blending Japanese culture -Furano is a traditional village- with adrenaline, top hot springs, and sound views, you can't go wrong with this. The 2020 season is set to end on May 6, but stay tuned as this may change!

    Snow Furano Ski Resort, Nakagoryo, Furano, Hokkaido 076-8511, Japan, +81(0)167223667,,

    How to get there? From New Chitose Airport or Sapporo City, the easiest way is to hop on a 3-hours shuttle bus trip to Furano, or take the train from Sapporo -this is the main option if visiting over spring.

    Where to stay? Stay at any of the 2 Prince Hotels in the area -ski-in, ski-out- or book accommodation in the Kitanomine area of Furano town.

  • Japan: Niseko United All Mountains - Open Until May 6

    Niseko's light, fluffy, and dry snow is without question a skier's dream! But what if on top of some 'créme de la créme' wintertime you could keep sliding down rad gnarly trails on all of Niseko's resorts -way after the end of winter? Yup, that's right! From March 23 up until May 6, you can get the Niseko United All Mountains Pass at a discounted rate! The pass includes the ski areas of Niseko's Village, Annupuri, Grand Hirafu, and Hanazono. Check out Little Steps full guide to visiting Niseko with the crew and prepare for an epic late-season holiday!

    Niseko United All Mountains, Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan, Contact, Facebook

    How to get there? Catch a bus from New Chitose International Airport. If planning a late-season visit, you may need to take the train instead -some shuttle buses are only seasonal.

    Where to stay? There's plenty to choose from! Check out Little Steps' roundup of the Top Family-Friendly Accommodation in Niseko!

  • Japan: Rusutsu Ski Resort - Open Until April 13

    Located just 22 km east of Niseko, the Rusutso Ski Resort hosts not only 42 km of groomed slopes but also backcountry courses for those who take pride in off-piste gliding! Winner of Japan's Best Ski Resort and Japan's Best Ski Hotel 2019 awards, the resort also boasts many other activities apart from skiing and snowboarding. Jump on a snowmobile, go snow rafting and snow biking -new! Join the spring frenzy and book your tickets here! Late seasoners will also be able to enjoy night skiing!

    Rusutsu Resort, 13 Izumikawa, Rusutsu, Hokkaido 048-1711, Japan, Contact herewww.hokkaido-rusutsu.comFacebook

    How to get there? There's no train station in Rusutsu. Visitors can either book a shuttle bus or drive -90 minutes from Sapporo or New Chitose Airport.

    Where to stay? Book one of Rusutsu's accommodation packages, or get a cozy cottage for the whole family here!

  • China: Yabuli Ski Resort - Open Until End Of March

    China's top ski resort keeps its slopes nice and cold until the end of March! Located in north-east China, snow-aficionados can follow the steps of the pros as the nation's top winter-sports athletes train here! If ski jumping is your jam, then you're in for a treat at Yabuli since the resort hosts the largest facilities in China. One of Yabuli's top perks for families planning a late-season escape is that overall, the resort area is quite affordable. Don't expect world-class snow -as you would in Japan- but a family-friendly, beautiful spot with plenty of facilities for everyone!

    Yabuli Ski Resort, Shangzhi, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, 4006-888-779,,

    How to get there? The Harbin Taiping Airport is the nearest international airport, located 260 km from Yabuli. Take the train or fly into Harbin, and then transfer -bus, train or car rental. The Yabuli Highway station is 24 km from the ski resort, so visitors may need to connect with local buses.

    Where to stay? Club Med Yabuli is fabulous!  There are numerous hotels and bed and breakfast within the resort. If interested in other activities other than winter sports, it's also possible to stay in Yabuli's town.

  • China: Wanlong Ski Resort - Open Until Early April

    With peaks reaching over 2000 m, the Wanlong Ski Resort -in Chongli county, 260 km north-west of Beijing- is one of China's most elevated ski areas! Enjoying one of the longest ski seasons in China, the resort offers 22 km of slopes and 6 lifts ready for you to hop on and join the fun! Catering to beginners and experts, Wanlong is set to be the venue of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games -this goes to show the growth of winter sports in China!

    Wanlong Ski Resort, Hebei, Zhangjiakou, Chongli, China, +86 313 461 3872,

    How to get there? Beijing-based families or visitors can take on the 4-hours drive or travel by train to Chongli. Zhangjiakou is the closest airport -64 km- and from there it's possible to catch a taxi or book a local shuttle bus.

    Where to stay? Book your stay at any of the Wanlong Paradise Resort hotels.

  • South Korea: YongPyong Ski Resort - Open Until March 24

    South Korea's ski resorts rely heavily on snowmaking to keep the slopes up to optimal levels of snow -when nature doesn't provide a whole lot! Hence, the starting and finishing dates of the ski season can vary from year to year! However, ski-lovers can still shred the slopes up until the end of March in South Korea's main ski resort, YongPyong. Located 200 km from Seoul, the resort counts with 28 slopes, and a seemingly never-ending array of cool things to do -from bowling to golfing to Karaoke singing! Get ready for a snow-tastic time here!

    YongPyong Ski Resort, 232-950 715, Olympic-ro, Daegwanryeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea, +82-33-335-5757,

    How to get there? Check out the Seoul Shuttle Bus Schedule here! You can also drive or take the Public Express Bus to the resort.

    Where to stay? Folks keen to experience a ski-in ski-out holiday can stay at the resort's hotels and condominiums -Dragon Valley Hotel, Tower Condominium, and Greenpia Condominium. Book your stay here!


  • South Korea: High1Resort - Open Until Early April

    A 3-hours drive lies between Seoul and the High1Resort in the Gangwon-do mountains. With plenty of family-friendly activities and facilities available, the High1Resort is one of the biggest -and most elevated- ski resorts in South Korea. Children here can slide up and down the kiddie slopes, join a lesson, and jump on a snow sled! Although it can get hard to beat the crowds at this popular resort, families can enjoy the ski season until its very end!

    High1Resort, 265 High1-Gil, Sabuk-Eup, Jeongsun-Kun, Gangwon-Province, South Korea, +82 1588 7789,,

    How to get there? Get there by train or bus. The resort operates free shuttles from the local train stations -Goham and Sabuk.

    Where to stay? There are 6 accommodation options within the resort - Hill Condo, Mountain Condo, Valley Condo, High1 Hotel, High1 Convention Hotel, and Kangwonland Hotel.  Otherwise, you can stay at either Goham or Sabuk -the neighboring towns.

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