3 Ways To Engage Kids While Sightseeing And Traveling

Engaging Young Children On Tours + More!

How to engage kids in sightseeing

Going sightseeing with kids is a challenge for many reasons, once of which is keeping them engaged during tours. Sometimes just looking at historic landmarks and ancient ruins gets boring quickly so here are fun projects you can organize ahead of time to help them enjoy tours as much as you do. Almost all of these items can be found at your local Daiso or Dollar Store if not at an art or office supply shop. And to help build enthusiasm, have them do the prep work themselves!

So let’s get started building a take-along scrapbook for your child! The idea here is to allow them to take photos as if they were adults documenting their trip! And since it is hard for kids to recall all the places they’ve been to and facts they have learned at the end of the day, they can fill this in as they go!

  • A Scrapbook

    Have your child pick out a spiral notebook to use as their scrapbook for the photos! Spiral notebooks work best as they allow for expansion when you adhere the photos to the pages. If you want, you can even get your kids to decorate the book before you go on your trip with their name and where they will be going!

  • Art Supplies

    Your child can decorate each page with stickers or drawings. Take an envelope and fill with some letter stickers and assorted vacation themes stickers and tape it to the inside back cover of the scrapbook. A small pencil pouch can be used to hold a few pencils or pens so your child can write a sentence or two about where they went. Parents of children too young to write can help with writing whatever their child tells them too! And lastly, some double sided tape to stick the photos into the book. (Pro-tip: place strips of tape into the pages at home so that when you are on vacation, you can just pull off the second side and stick the photos in!)

  • Cameras

    You have a few choices here and always go with whatever you happen to already have! If you have an old phone laying around, reformat it and let your child use it as a camera! Buy an inexpensive waterproof pouch for it and you will have a safe way for your child to wear their camera so they won't lose it or damage it! You can print out your photos when you get home and your child can have a blast matching them to the pages they've prepped. Or you invest in an instant camera! For around US$60, your child can print photos instantly and stick them in their scrapbook. (Pro-tip: Have a discussion ahead of time about the finite number of photos that can be taken!)

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