5 Amazing Family-Friendly Safaris To Book With Kids In 2024

Venture Into The Wilds Of Africa With The Family

African Safaris For Families

Embarking on a family safari in Africa is a thrilling adventure filled with unforgettable wildlife encounters, child-friendly activities, and luxurious camp-style accommodations. Lightfoot Travel, a renowned travel agency, offers a selection of exceptional family safari packages designed specifically for kids. These family African safaris provide remarkable journeys into the African wilderness, immersing your family in breathtaking landscapes and close encounters with iconic wildlife. With Lightfoot Travel’s expert guidance, you can choose from a variety of family safari packages tailored to your needs. They offer all-inclusive options, ensuring a hassle-free trip that covers accommodations, meals, transportation, and activities. These packages are ideal for those seeking an all-inclusive family African safari that caters to both adults and children.

If you’re planning a safari with a toddler, Lightfoot Travel takes into account the minimum age requirements for safaris. They can assist you in selecting destinations and accommodations that are suitable and safe for young children. Their expertise ensures that your toddler can participate in age-appropriate activities and enjoy the wonders of the African wilderness.

Immerse yourselves in Africa’s wildlife, adventures, and luxurious camp-style accommodations with Lightfoot Travel’s expert guidance. Whether you’re looking for family safari packages, all-inclusive options, affordable deals, or safaris designed specifically for kids, they will help you plan a magical family safari holiday that creates cherished memories for all. Get ready to embark on a family safari like no other and discover the wonders of the African wilderness.

  • Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari

    SAFARI IN KENYA: Family-Friendly Safari Complete With A Visit To Giraffe Manor In Kenya

    Giraffe Manor in Nairobi is as exclusive as it gets. This exclusive boutique bolthole, built in the 1930s and modeled after a stately Scottish home, offers a truly unique experience. However, what truly sets Giraffe Manor apart is its full-time residents—the Rothschild Giraffes. Imagine starting your day with breakfast as friendly giraffes poke their heads through the window, eager to interact with you and your children. These majestic creatures are known to eat out of your hands and give slobbering kisses, creating unforgettable memories for the entire family. The sheer joy and wonder on your kids' faces will be priceless. Giraffe Manor features 12 en-suite bedrooms, each exuding charm with antique furnishings and cozy spaces for relaxation. The manor's ambiance is truly one-of-a-kind, offering an exclusive and intimate experience for your family. Additionally, the non-stop bar service ensures that parents can unwind and enjoy their stay to the fullest. But the magic of Giraffe Manor doesn't stop at the giraffes. During your visit, you'll have the opportunity to encounter other fascinating wildlife, such as warthogs, bushbuck, dik-dik, and over 180 species of birds. This creates a truly immersive experience, allowing your children to appreciate the incredible biodiversity of Kenya.

    Popular Safaris In Kenya That Are Kid-Friendly:

  • Best African Safaris With Kids

    SAFARI IN SOUTH AFRICA: Treasure Hunts, Safaris, Beaches, And Wildlife For Kids In South Africa

    In most cases, children aged under six years old are not permitted on game drives in South Africa, unless you book into a specific property. Kwandwe Ecca Lodge is one such place, introducing your little ones to wildlife in a responsible, fun, and educational way. Kids receive gifts on arrival comprising animal checklists, themed games, and a pledge to ‘live green’. Go on game drives to search for white rhinos, black rhinos, elephants, and buffalo, and enjoy activities such as kite building and treasure hunts. Hidden amongst thick African bush, with only six suites, the lodge is stylish and intimate with vibrant furnishings and a cosmopolitan feel – the ideal destination for a family adventure.

    Lightfoot Travel Tip! Add some beach time to your trip with a visit to Zanzibar. Stay at Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa choose the family villa or the five-bedroom villa which are great for bigger broods. 

    Popular Itineraries And Safaris In South Africa That Are Kid-Friendly:

  • SAFARI IN TANZANIA: Farm Life And Fresh Air On This Safari With Kids

    Opt for a relaxing stay at Gibb’s FarmTanzania, which lies in delightful gardens on a 1920s coffee plantation overlooking the Ngorongoro Forest – home to an abundance of wildlife including elephants and leopards. As one of Northern Tanzania’s oldest guesthouses, it’s super-chill and hospitable, offering cozy cottages, rustic charm, mouthwatering cuisine, and a host of unique adventures. Families can enjoy farm walks, go mountain biking or swimming, visit the elephant caves or ancient waterfalls, meet a local family and learn about local culture, try bread making, or indulge in a Maasai healing treatment. Kids over six years old will especially love this spot.

    Popular Itineraries And Safaris In Tanzania That Are Kid-Friendly:


  • SAFARI IN ZAMBIA: Sleepout Under The Stars And Explore Hidden Africa

    Get in on Africa’s best-kept secret with a trip to Zambia, home to some of the continent’s best national parks. Zambia is relatively undeveloped, but it boasts some of the most exceptional camps in Africa. One such camp is Chinzombo Camp, where children of all ages are welcome. You can find more information about Chinzombo Camp here. During your stay, your kids can enjoy visiting a local village, going on a walking safari, and even experiencing the thrill of sleeping out under the stars!

    Popular Itineraries And Safaris In Zambia That Are Kid-Friendly:

  • Zimbabwe With Kids

    SAFARI IN ZIMBABWE: Dine Under The Stars On These Family Safaris

    An excellent choice for families with older children, Somalisa Acacia Camp in Zimbabwe boasts Boudouin-style tented accommodation on a remote acacia tree island in the heart of Hwange National Park. Perfect for a secluded stay, the camp caters to a maximum of twelve guests at a time and has family rooms with inter-leading walkways. The region is famous for its big elephant herds, Start the day with a game drive or head out on a bush walk, then spend the afternoon by the pool. Later, enjoy dining under the stars before getting an early night.

    Lightfoot Travel Tip! Combine your trip with a visit to the majorly impressive Victoria Falls, a four-five hour drive.

    Popular Itineraries And Safaris In Zimbabwe That Are Kid-Friendly:

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