Stroller Friendly Parks And Pram Friendly Walks In Singapore

Best Places To Get Some Fresh Air & Exercise With Kids


Amidst the hustle and bustle of this city-state, you might be surprised to find some pockets of serenity where you can enjoy a nice stroll (or run!) with your little bub. While steps are part and parcel of Singapore’s blueprint, many places now are affixed with ramps for easy stroller accessibility. Little Steps has come up with a list of the top 10 stroller-friendly walks! Get ready to rock and stroll!

  • Southern_Ridges

    1. Southern Ridges (Walking time: 3.5 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    The Southern Ridges, which is approximately 10km of green, open spaces, spans across Telok Blangah Hill Park, Mount Faber Park, Labrador Nature Reserve, Kent Ridge Park and the ever popular Hort Park, which is a great start point. Be sure to check out the Hort Park playground which has themed gardens dotted with educational quizzes about plants and wildlife, a pint-sized playhouse, slides, as well as climbing equipment for kids of all ages! Hort Park leads up to Alexandra Arch, a beautiful pedestrian overhead bridge, and then the Forest Walk, which has breathtaking views of the lush greenery Singapore has to offer. If you're up for a challenge with your bub in the stroller, continue on to the Hilltop Walk at Telok Blangah Hill Park, which promises you a good workout for your legs with several uphill climbs. You might choose to end off your walk at Henderson Waves or better yet, press on to Mount Faber Hill Park, where you and your whole family can treat yourselves to a delightful meal at Faber Peak Singapore. We recommend that you skip the Marang Trail back to Harboufront if you have a stroller with you as it definitely won't be a comfy ride for your kiddo.

  • Sembawang Park And Playground In Singapore

    2. Sembawang Park (Walking time: 45 mins) *Stroller Friendly Walk And Park

    Located in the north of Singapore, Sembawang Park is a secluded hideaway which has strong historical links with the British colonial era; you can see the distinctive black-and-white bungalows along the way to the Park. The luscious greenery and wide open spaces is a welcome change from the bustling sights and sounds of Singapore. What's more, the spacious pathways make baby-strolling easy peasy! A must to visit at the Park for older tots is the new playground, which is based on a warship design, complete with gun turret, smoke stacks and even propellers and a rudder! This is truly an unforgettable walk with a piece of history all entwined into one. End off your walk at Sembawang beach as the lapping waves might just be what your baby needs to be lulled to sleep.

  • Stroller Friendly Walk at Gardens by the Bay , Singapore

    3. Gardens by the Bay (Walking time: 1 to 2 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk And Park

    Occupying an extensive green space which is approximately the size of 170 football fields and built on reclaimed land, Gardens by the Bay is beyond doubt one of the best city park for your stroller walks. Visiting the Flower and Cloud domes is a must and of course, don't miss all the elevated walkways (wide and stroller-friendly!) which are what gives the garden its unique charm. After a somewhat lengthy stroll, step into the world of savory local and international delights as you end off the day.

  • Stroller Friendly Walk at Changi Point Coastal Walk, SG

    4. Changi Point Coastal Walk (Walking time: 45 mins) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    The Changi Point Coastal Walk is a 2.6km walking path consisting of 6 distinctive sections which offers breathtaking views of the coastline. We recommend that you start your walk at the eastern end near the Changi Point Ferry Terminal. The first section is known as the Creek Walk and you can make your way westward along the Beach and Sailing Point Walks. Other sections of the walk include the Cliff Walk and Kelong Walk, named for its construction over the water on kelong-like stilts. Time your stroll perfectly so that when you each the last leg, the Sunset Walk, you and your little ones can catch the gorgeous sunset over the horizon!

  • Stroller Friendly Walk at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, SG

    5. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (Walking time: 1 hr) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    Deemed as one of the largest urban parks in central Singapore, the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is definitely worth a visit. The old concrete canal has been de-concretized and naturalized into a beautiful 3 km meandering river with lush banks of wildflowers. Aside from its unique waterways, the park features lush greenery, Pond Gardens and River Plains. Its open lawns and gently sloping grassy banks along either side of the river make it an ideal spot to rest and have picnics. The well-maintained tracks of the park, accompanied by the soothing babble of the river make it an excellent spot for your early morning stroll with your bub. For the older tots, the water and adventure playgrounds would definitely be a hit!

  • Stroller Friendly Walk at Resolds World Sentosa, Singapore

    6. Resorts World Singapore - Universal Studios & S.E.A Aquarium (Walking time: 3-4 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    Looking for a combination of a leisurely stroll and fun-filled day with the kids? Resorts World is just the place. The wide lanes at Universal Studios make strolling your little one a breeze. Baby needs a change? No sweat, as the Resort has 21 baby changing facilities (11 of them within Universal Studios Singapore)! Head to the stroller-friendly S.E.A Aquarium, home of the enormous “Ocean Dome” where you can see manta rays and sharks swimming all around you. If the kiddos are hungry, there are plenty of little restaurants and cafes along the way too!

  • 7. River Safari Singapore (Walking time: 2-3 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    The River Safari is designed in such a way that you stroll through the first half through 'Rivers of the World', then make the return journey through 'Wild Amazonia' and you'll eventually be back where you started. Most of the River Safari is sheltered so you are not exposed to the hot sun while strolling your little bub, but insect repellents, snacks and water are a must! Some of the unsheltered areas can get wet and slippery if it rains, but there is ample indoor space to tide the rain over. The main attraction is of course the Giant Panda Forest, where you can stroll comfortably in the aircon enclosure as you marvel at the Red Pandas and Giant Pandas as they chomp on their bamboo shoots. End off your visit at the Amazon Flooded Forest, with a gigantic viewing tank housing the majestic sea cows. This is definitely a sight not to be missed!

  • 8. Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Boardwalk (Walking time: 1-2 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    The Pasir Ris Mangrove Forest is home to a thriving habitat of unique plants and animals and it is definitely worth exploring. Venture into the dense 6-hectare mangrove forest on the stroller-friendly boardwalk, and have your little ones get up close and personal with mud crabs, mudskippers and water monitors. The bird watching tower and look-out deck over Sungei Tampines is also worth a visit, although it's best to leave the stroller at the foot of the tower. What we love about this stroller-friendly trail is that it is so easily accessible and educational for the kids. Through this walk, they'll learn that mangrove is vital because it acts as a buffer between land and sea. Apart from helping to halt erosion of the coast by breaking the strong forces of waves, it is also a haven for young animals and fish. This is such an enjoyable stroll and also a science lesson all rolled into one!

  • Singapore Botanic Garden In Singapore

    9. Singapore Botanic Gardens (Walking time: 2-3 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    Inscribed as Singapore's first UNESCO World Heritage Site on 4 July 2015, the Botanic Gardens possess an array of botanical and horticultural attractions with a rich history and a wonderful plant collection of worldwide significance. As you stroll in the gardens, you might chance upon entertainment events held periodically within the vicinity. You and your bub can also explore a series of walking trails ranging from 40 to 90 minutes. Be sure to drop by the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden for interactive installations and fun-filled activities to entertain your tots. For more information and details of upcoming events, visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens website.

  • West Coast Park Singapore

    10. West Coast Park (Walking time: 1-2 hrs) *Stroller Friendly Walk

    Largely known as the "Play Center in the West", West Coast Park is an extensive, linear park comprising 50 hectares of park land. The park runs parallel to West Coast Highway and one of the most popular highlights is the Adventure Play Area that caters to people of different age groups, from toddlers to young adults. This is the heart and most active zone of West Coast Park. If you like a quiet and peaceful environment for strolling your little one, head to the eastern portion at Area 1. Not to be missed is the Marsh Garden, where you'll be amazed at the thriving biodiversity that can be found there.

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