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Fun Workshops For Families At Ground-Up Initiative

August & September Event Highlights Featuring Woodwork & Pizza Workshops!

2021 Aug 01 - 2021 Nov 30


Ground-Up Initiative or commonly known as GUI is Singapore’s 21st Century ‘School of Life’ in a nature-inspired campus. It is a non-profit community founded by Mr. Tay Lai Hock, a social entrepreneur, and guided by the spirit of innovation, resilience, and grounded leadership to demonstrate urban sustainability. GUI conducts creative workshops at its building, Kampung Kampus, which is a low-carbon footprint community campus in Yishun.

Here are the upcoming events for kids this August & September at Kampung Kampus to connect with nature, self, and others: 

Having Fun With Wood — Upcycled Mask-Hanger Workshop (Ages 10+)

Interested in wood but not sure where to start? GUI’s mask-hanger/key-hanger workshop is a simple and fun introductory workshop to get you, your friends, and family into wood crafting and upcycling! Perfect for group hangouts and families!

When:  October 30 & 31, and November 23 & 28, 2021

Price: SG$55

My First Stool (Ages 9–14)

Let your child learn the basics of woodworking by sawing and nailing together his/her very own woody stool!

When: October 23 and November 14 & 26, 2021

Price: SG$85

Basic Woodworking for Kids: Foundational (Ages 8+)

Does your child have a keen interest in hands-on play? Are you looking for a way to challenge their skills, engage their senses, and develop their creativity and problem-solving skills? GUI’s basic woodworking program may be just the right opportunity for your child!

When: November 24 to 26, 2021

Price: SG$415

Bugs Hotels Making Workshop

Pick up basic woodworking skills and be introduced to reusing and upcycling of pallet woods that children will be using for the making of the Bugs Hotels. 

When: October 10, 24, and November 7, 20, 2021

Price: SG$68

My Woody Hero (Ages 5–9)

Spend a day repurposing pieces of wooden offcuts to assemble your very own Woody Hero to make our world a better place! Let your child experience the beauty of wood and the joy of making something with their hands. The workshop will also touch on environmental issues in the world and get your child to imagine ways to do their part in saving the planet.

When: October 16 & 17 and November 14 and 26, 2021

Price: SG$65

Handphone Speaker Making Workshop 

Design and make your very own Handphone Speaker that will amplify the sound from your mobile phone! You’ll be provided with recycled pallet wood, as part of sustainability efforts. No electricity needed!

When: October 31 and November 25, 2021

Price: SG$65

Pet Scratching Board Workshop

Make a scratcher board for your pet and learn woodworking skills at the same time! You’ll be doing your part to save the environment  as you’ll be using upcycled pallet wood and used carton boxes. Here’s to a happy pet!

When: October 23, November 6 & 27, 2021

Price: SG$120

Toy House Making Workshop (Ages 7 and above) 
Save money, the fun way! This parent-child bonding activity with equip you with both money-saving habits as well as woodworking skills. You will be guided by experienced coaches as you make your toy house using carpentry tools. Colour your toy house to make it even more “you”!

When: October 24, November 12 & 24, 2021

Price: SG$90 (Discounted from SG$120)



When: August – November 2021

Where To Find It:​

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