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Chinese New Year And Fireworks In Macau 2023

Parades, Fireworks, Food & More!

Chinese New Year In Macau

Pack your stuff and come to Macau to immerse yourself in the city’s unique combination of Chinese-with-a-hint-of-Portuguese charm and its renowned love for festivities just in time for the Lunar New Year. To greet the year, the city will explode into color and movement as the ground becomes flooded with parades, flowers, lanterns, dancers, and excited people while the sky lights up with fireworks. Many high-end hotels are offering great deals on themed feasts and special accommodation & spa packages. Honor old traditions and develop new ones – there’s so much fun to be had at this special time in the truly unique city of Macau!

More activities for kids in Macau over CNY 2023:

  • CHINESE NEW YEAR IN MACAU: Top Events And Flower Markets 2023

    BUY YOUR OWN FIREWORKS IN MACAO - It's always popular to shoot your own fireworks in Macau on Chinese New Year.  Visitors can buy fireworks at 2 key locations in Macau in 2023  - Macao Peninsula and in Taipa too! Why not set off some firecrackers to scare the evil spirits too?

    • When: January 21, 2023, from 12 noon- January 22, 2023, at 1pm AND January 22-26, 2023 from 10am-midnight!
    • Where: Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Macao (Reclaimed land for new urban area near Macau Tower) and Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, Taipa (near the waterfront)

    CHINESE NEW YEAR MARKET 2023 - Chinese New Year flower market in Tap Seac Square is an unmissable New Year's Eve stop for so many in Macau. Honor the tradition and give away your flowers of choice or use them to add fresh life to the festive decorations. Get some souvenirs and delicious bites along the way too.

    • When: January 20-22, 2023
    • Where: Tap Seac Square, Macau

    CHINESE NEW YEAR FIREWORKS DISPLAY 2023 - Direct your gaze toward the sky for another colorful tradition and enjoy a legendary, free display of fireworks over Macau. It's free!

    • When: January 28, 2023 at 9:45pm and February 5, 2023, at 9pm
    • Where: Seafront of Macau Tower

    PINWHEELS IN MACAU - Get some pinwheels to attract luck! Visit the incense and pinwheel stalls at the A-Ma Temple next to Barra Square and take your time to ask the goddess for luck in the following year as well. Take your kids to learn about the craftsmanship behind these happy objects so they can appreciate them even more.

    • When: January 21 - 22, 2023, and January 23 - 28, 2023 at various times.
    • Where: Pavement on the waterfront in Barra Square
  • CHINESE NEW YEAR IN MACAU: Chinese New Year Parades In Macau 2023


    • What: Though those two parades are the highlight of the celebration, it is The Golden Dragon and Lion Parade that will signal the very beginning of the festivities. The parade will fill the streets of the historic center with a gigantic golden dragon in the company of numerous lions and Gods of Fortune, Happiness, Longevity, Prosperity, zodiac mascots, numerous other friendly beings, and people joining in with their own festive moves!
    • When: January 22, 2023 from 11:20am-1pm
    • Route: Ruins of St. Paul’s (Eye’s Dotting Ceremony & Starting point of the parade)→Senado Square→Calçada do Tronco Velho→St. Augustine’s Square→Rua Central→Travessa da Paiva→the Government Headquarters→Travessa do Padre Narciso→St. Lawrence’s Church→Lilau Square→Rua da Barra→A-Ma Temple→Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Sai Van→Rotunda da Baía da Praia Grande→Sai Van Lake Square


    • What: Gorgeous floats, local bands, and loads of blessings for CNY!
    • When: January 24 - 28, 2023
      • First Parade
        When: January 24, 2023 (Third day of the Lunar New Year), 8pm-9:45pm
        Where: Sai Van Lake Square (Opening Ceremony & Cultural Performance)→ Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen→Macao Science Center
      • Second Parade
        When: January 28, 2023 (Seventh day of the Lunar New Year), 8pm-9:30pm
        Where: Rua Norte do Patane→Avenida do Conselheiro Borja→Estrada do Arco→Estrada da Areia Preta→Avenida de Venceslau de Morais→Rua Quatro do Bairro da Areia Preta→Avenida da Longevidade→Rua do Mercado de Iao Hon→Iao Hon Market Garden (Cultural Performance: 8:15pm)
      • Parade Float Exhibition
        When: All day
        Where: Macao Science Center Waterfront (Jan 25-27, 2023), Tap Seac Square (Jan 29 - Feb 12, 2024)

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Remember, this is just a tiny fraction of what the city has to offer, so don't forget to dig deeper and find other hidden gems! Look for special packages like these, for example, too! The Macao Government Tourism Office website offers valuable and detailed info on the traditional festive happenings in the city, so head there and plan the fun out!


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