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Carousell is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile-first, person-to-person marketplaces that makes selling as simple as taking a photo. In the words of Quek Siu Rui, one of the co-founders of Carousell, “Anyone who knows how to take a photo or text with a smartphone essentially knows how to buy and sell on Carousell.”

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Featured globally as a favorite app on Google Play, and ranked Singapore’s No.1 Lifestyle and Shopping app, Carousell is a hit amongst youth's and young adults as a popular online shopping destination. In Indonesia, users often browse Carousell for price comparisons before purchasing items at retail stores. With listings offer bargains at up to 80% off retail prices, Carousell is a wallet-friendly marketplace for shoppers of all ages.

Who It's Perfect For:

Young parents with newborns or toddlers, have found Carousell especially useful to help defray the high costs associated with living in developed cities. They turn to the app to purchase pre-loved baby strollers, kids toys and day to day essentials.

What Else:​

As babies and toddlers outgrow their outfits, parents can also put them up for sale and purchase more to prepare for their child’s next stage in life. This cycle of buying and selling pre-loved items on Carousell enables young parents to have more financial freedom as well as a less cluttered home.

Additional Info:​

Download the Carousell app for free on the iPhone app store or Android google play. Carousell is also available via

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