Breeze Art And Boutique Hotel In Bandung

Escape to Bandung From Jakarta (2 Hours!)

Looking to surprise your better half with a weekend away sans kids? Just 2 hours Southeast of Jakarta in Bandung is Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel.

Conceptualized by architect Tan Tijang Ay, Breeze was designed to reflect Bandung’s moniker as The Flower City. It features 12, brand-new rooms, each beautifully furnished with carefully appointed art pieces and ceramics from famed Indonesian ceramist, F. Widiyanto. Conveniently located, Breeze sits adjacent to The House of Poetry Without Words, which showcases a stunning collection of paintings, porcelains, wooden works and stone sculptures from brilliant Indonesian and Asian artists.

Other nearby notable attractions are Kampung Gajah Wonderland, Kampung Daun Culture Gallery and The Peak Resort Dining. Spend your weekend at Breeze and return to the Big Durian, with renewed patience to brave another week of traffic and maybe with something new to hang on the wall!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Close to Jakarta yet far enough away that it still feels like a vacation.

Who It's Perfect For:

Couples wanting a romantic weekend getaway, Asian Art geeks wanting their fix without jumping on a plane.

What Else:​

Children under 12 are not allowed overnight.

Additional Info:​

Breeze Art & Boutique Hotel

Jl. Pondok Hijau Permai Blok 1 No. 11 Bandung 40559, Indonesia

+62 22 820 27488 / 820 27489

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